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She's the Best Friend Who Tells It Like It Is

Season 1, Ep. 1010

Meet a Lauren Murawski, a young woman who is sharing her life with Celiac and other autoimmune diseases, and nothing is off the table! Lauren has created a loyal following on Intasgram and Tik Tok with her no-holes barred videos discussing everything from body issues, dining out, bloating, dating and more!

In this episode, Lauren shares with us her life over the past seven years, discussing how she got diagnosed with Celiac and other autoimmune diseases. She talks about the symptoms that led her to seek a gastroenterologist's help and the different tests and procedures she had done to finally diagnose her with Celiac, Crohn's, and IBS. Spoiler alert: she had to do a lot of self-advocating.

If you're Interested in positive, uplifting, and supportive videos, follow Lauren on TikTok (@eatglutenfreewithme) or IG (@eat.glutenfreewithme). Her reminder to everyone: you are strong. You are beautiful. You are more than your diagnosis.

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