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Season 1, Ep. 793

On today's Celiac Project Podcast:

Mike and Cam are happy to welcome Kyle Dine, allergy educator and founder of Equal Eats. Kyle's childhood was spent navigating his life with a number of life threatening food allergies, leading him to feel isolated in his early years. Kyle set out to make the world more accessible for everyone to eat safely no matter if they have allergies or celiac disease. His vision coupled with his passion to support the allergen and celiac community is truly inspiring!

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More about Equal Eats:

Dining out can feel like a game of telephone. Did the waitstaff understand what we said about our food and did they relay it to the kitchen staff correctly? Not to mention traveling where there is a language barrier!

To the rescue: Equal Eats Dining Cards! These credit card-sized cards give dining establishments the exact information they need to keep us safe. They come in 50 languages and over 500 food allergies and celiac. You can have custom cards made too.

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