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Season 1, Ep. 1078

Save the Date: Boston Gluten Free Expo expo on 10/21/23 at Danvers Indoor Sports in Danvers, MA (just north of Boston). There are over 100+ exhibitors and tickets are on sale now. Get your tickets here:

🍞100+ exhibitors

🍞 Lots of vegan & allergen-free options

🍞 Kids activities, family friendly

🍞 Hot food vendors, including @danverspizzaandsubs and Tripp’s Farmhouse Food Truck

🍞 Tons of products for purchase

🍞 Free samples!

🍞 Tote bags for all, kiddos included!

🍞 Food demos

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  • 1114. How to Make Sure You're Getting the Nutrients You Need on a Gluten Free and Vegan Diet

    If you're vegan or vegetarian the most important thing is to make sure you get all the nutrients you need. As long as the diet is well planned and varied, it can meet nutritional needs.According to Registered Dietician Katarina MolloThe main nutrients of concern with these diets are:• vitamin B12• vitamin D• omega-3 fatty acids• calcium• iron• zinc (2)Main nutrients of concern with GF diets:• low fiber• high fat• more sugar and high fructose corn syrup• low in certain vitamins and minerals:◦ B vitamins◦ Calcium◦ Magnesium◦ Iron◦ Zinc
  • 1113. Gluten Free Takeaways from 2023

    On today's Celiac Project Podcast:As the end of the year draws near, Mike and Cam reflect on their biggest takeaways from 2023 from a celiac and gluten free perspective. They come away with a wide range of observations, some that affected them very personally, and others that they see as larger issues that impact all of us.List of 100% gluten free business that ship nationwide: episode of the Celiac Project Podcast:
  • 1112. Fighting Hunger on Giving Tuesday

    Helping out a Gluten Free Food Pantry is a great activity in honor of Giving Tuesday. There are a handful across the country that could use our help! Gluten Free and allergy-friendly foods can cost up to 450% more then their counterpart products. This means that for some individuals and families, a medical diagnosis requiring a gluten free diet can lead to a severe financial strain. Gluten free food is rarely available at food pantries, leaving few options for getting affordable, safe hunger relief. Low – income individuals are often forced to choose between health and hunger. Thankfully, a few gluten free, allergy-friendly food banks have opened across the country to address this need. Please consider helping one of the dedicated food pantries that serve those living with food scarcity and a dietary restrictions.S.A.F.E. Food Pantry: Columbia, MDThe Rachel Way Food Pantry: Plymouth Meeting, PAFood Equality Initiative: Kansas City, MOGluten Free Food Bank (run by the National Celiac Organization): Newton, MAMend Hunger
  • 1111. A Gluten Free Gift Basket Company - and a Chance to Win a Basket!

    Calli McPherson is a special business owner: she has Celiac and her business serves the gluten free community. After her diagnosis, she founded William James gifts, a gluten free gift basket company that ships curated gluten free products all over the world. Calli and I are giving away one of her special baskets. To enter, send a future podcast idea to I'll be picking the winner at random on midnight, November 30th. Good luck!Website:
  • 1110. My Thanksgiving Wish for You

    Happy Thanksgiving, I'm so grateful for you!
  • 1109. How to Make Eating at Other's Easier

    With the holiday season fast approaching, having strategies for eating safely at other people's houses is important. Here are some of my favorite. Do you have any other techniques I missed?
  • 1108. Gluten Free Gingerbread House Kit Giveaway

    The holidays are a perfect time to make some memories. If you have a gluten free child, feeling included in baking experiences like making a Gingerbread House is priceless. Little GF Chefs has created a Gingerbread House Baking Kit!• It's Gluten Free Certified, Top 9 Allergen Free, Vegan + Artificial Dye Free • You get to BAKE the gingerbread, then decorate and build your house (& eat it!) - fresh and delicious, plus no more broken pieces that often come in pre-made • Includes house cookie cutters you can keep for the future  • Designed with kids in mind – frustration free, quick drying icing + kid friendly instructions  • The Double Gingerbread House Kit is available at online, and individual Gingerbread House Kit are available at Sprouts (less expensive plus no shipping cost)Giveaway: I'm giving away a Gingerbread House Baking Kit. Simply send an idea for a future podcast to to enter. A winner will be picked on midnight on 11/20/23.
  • 1107. A Young Advocate Meeting Presidents and Moving the Needle

    On today's Celiac Project Podcast:Mike and Cam are excited to welcome Jax, Jon, and Leslie Bari to the podcast. Jax is an impressive young celiac advocate who has been featured on "ABC Nightly News with David Muir," and met with President Biden! Jax and his parents are on a mission to advocate for change, and Jax authored a citizen's petition in his efforts to include GLUTEN as an allergen on all food labels, making all gluten containing grains labeled in the future. You will be so inspired by the work that Jax, Jon, and Leslie have done to create positive change moving forward!Call to Action: Submit Comments to FDA to Support Citizen Petition to Label Gluten as Major Allergen episode of the podcast:
  • 1106. Building a Strong Foundation: Celiac Disease and Bone Health

    The Harvard Medical School Celiac Education & Research Program and the National Celiac Association is hosting a webinar Building a Strong Foundation: Celiac Disease and Bone Health. Don't miss this deep dive into bone health: treatments, lifestyle modifications, supplements and more. Bone health is a crucial topic for both children and adults with celiac disease, as bone can be adversely affected due to inflammation and malabsorption of key nutrients. Webinar details:Wednesday, November 15, 2023, from 1- 2:15 pm ET.Registration: