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How Following My Curiosity Landed Me on a TEDX Stage with Van Lai-Dumone

Season 1, Ep. 9

Van actively works to rewrite the way we apply creativity in the workplace, instilling brave thinking in clients who are willing to disrupt traditional training methods. As the founder of Worksmart, a progressive team and leadership development company; Van proposes that we are all innately curious and creative therefore good ideas can come from any level of an organization, and by cultivating idea sharing in the workplace, everyone has a chance to have their voice heard. And when that happens - company culture, performance, and innovation can skyrocket!

She studied Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and earned her MBA from Pepperdine University. With over 15 years of corporate and start-up experience, Her clients include game changers such as Google, LinkedIn, and MeUndies.

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What it Takes to Win Over Customers

Season 3, Ep. 9
The world of business marketing is a crowded space. Some do it great, others... well, they need some help. As the founder of Flourish Marketing, Aleya Harris works with her clients to figure out WHY what they've been doing to reach new customers hasn't been working. Carrie and Aleya discuss the numerous mistakes and traps businesses owners fall into. As we hear, there are tricks to stand out above the crowd, regardless of what industry you're in, and Aleya knows them.Stevie Wonder's Former Chef is now a Marketing Expert Turning Her Clients into Legends POINTS:From a private chef to stars like Stevie Wonder and Bruce Willis, to a marketing strategist, Aleya took what she learned in one career and successfully pivoted to an entirely different career. Hear the lessons she learned that helped her do it.What does it take to get potential customers to open your emails and positively respond? Aleya shares her pro-tips.Are you struggling to make money with your business? Have you thought about giving away services for free? It sounds counter intuitive when you need to earn money, but giving your time to others can help you create loyal future paying customers.Taking successful businesses and turning them into “legendary” businesses; that’s what Aleya does for her clients. Listen how.What's the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when trying to get their messages out? Get the advice that can save you from a lot of disappointment.LINKS:Freebie Link: this interactive session, Aleya will teach you how to use storytelling elements to stand out by standing in the power of your unique journey. She'll leverage her expert knowledge of the StoryBrand SB7 Framework, the hero's journey, and energy-recalibration techniques to help you develop a theft-proof narrative that will articulate your uniqueness, connect with your ideal client, and leave an enduring legacy.Social Media