Get Carried Away


Earning Your Success: What it Takes to Win in the Adult Beverage Industry

Season 3, Ep. 5

Pour yourself a drink and kick your feet up; we're going in-depth with the founder of Spa Girl Cocktails, Karen Haines. In the hyper competitive world of alcoholic beverages, breaking out with a successful new product is an overwhelming uphill battle every step of the way. Despite the odds, Karin came out triumphant with her fun and sassy brand, Spa Girl Cocktails. Listen to the essential lessons Karen learned that can benefit every ambitious self-starter.

  • How does a single mom with multiple kids pivot from her career and jump into the competitive world of alcoholic beverages?
  • Hear how Bethany Frankle influenced Karen to chase her dreams of being an outgoing business founder.
  • How far does $10,000 get an entrepreneur in the beverage business?
  • The trick to convincing distributors to give you, the little fish, a chance over the big sharks.
  • What does the founder of a popular adult beverage company want to be before they are of legal drinking age?
  • It costs HOW MUCH to have a sample design of a drink bottle made?!


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