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  • Geektown Radio Episode 424: Orphan Black: Echoes, Envy, Destiny 2, Medieval Dynasty Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    This week we have an exciting episode 424 of the Geektown Radio podcast, as Dave is joined by a brand new guest co-host, the wonderfully entertaining Twitch Streamer CLONEKORP, to chat TV, film, and video game news & reviews!This is the first time CloneKorp has been on the show, so we not only discuss his work with Twitch, messing about in VR, and creating classic game shows on YouTube, but he also brings along a few interesting reviews! He discusses how he got into running a guild on 'Destiny 2', his love of the 'Starship Troopers' franchise, and a rather obscure Ben Stiller/Jack Black movie called 'Envy'. Meanwhile, Dave has reviews of 'Orphan Black: Echoes' (out now on ITVX in the UK), Steven Moffat making 'Doctor Who' go "Boom", the finale of Apple series 'Sugar' with Colin Farrell, along with some quick game reviews of 'Medieval Dynasty', 'Foundry', 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' and 'Dyson Sphere Program'.Moving on to the news updates, we have all the latest cancellations and renewals, which includes The CW rejecting 'FBoys', the (possible) end of 'The Outlaws', the return of Netflix's ‘3 Body Problem’, and ‘The Boys' are back in town. We also have news from Disney+ that it was ‘Agatha All Along‘, Phoebe Waller-Bridge coming to 'Tomb Raider', Nicolas Cage getting into a spidey suit, and 'Red Dwarf' returning to screen! Listen below!
  • Interview: 'Orphan Black: Echoes' Creator/Showrunner Anna Fishko

    Welcome to a new Geektown Behind The Scenes podcast. This week I’m chatting with Anna Fishko, creator and showrunner of ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’, the highly anticipated follow-up to the brilliant sci-fi ‘Orphan Black’, which has just landed in the UK on ITVX.The series stars Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad) as Lucy, who woke up two years ago in a strange room with no memory of who she is or where she came from and she’s been running ever since. That is, until her past finally catches up with her and she’s faced with the reality that she was created in a lab, and those who had a hand in making her want her dead…There's a stellar cast that includes Keeley Hawes (The Bodyguard, The Durrells, Line of Duty), Avan Jogia (Zombieland), James Hiroyuki Liao (Barry), Rya Kihlstedt (Superman & Lois) and Amanda Fix (High School).Prior to developing Anna worked as writer and producer on Netflix’s brilliant drama ‘Pieces of Her’, along with their YA drama ‘The Society’, AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, and many other series. This was her first time stepping into the role of creator and showrunner.All five season of the original ‘Orphan Black’, and the 10-episode first season of ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ are available right now on ITVX in the UK, and ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ also comes to AMC+ in the USA on June 23.
  • Geektown Radio Episode 423: Doctor Who, Dark Matter, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Foundry Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    We are back with a packed episode 423 of the Geektown Radio podcast, and Matt from Entertainment Talk joins Dave to chat TV, film, and video game news & reviews!Once again, Matt has brought with him a review of something we don't usually cover on Geektown... Reality TV! This time he has been watching the BBC Three series 'I Kissed A Girl', so gives us his impressions of that. He also discusses catching up with 'X-Men '97', 'Invincible', and (of course) 'Welcome To Wrexham'. Meanwhile, Dave brings two video game reviews - the open-world RPG 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' and the new factory builder 'Foundry'. He also reviews the new Apple TV+ series 'Dark Matter', and they both discuss the return of 'Doctor Who', now funded by "Disney Dollars."Moving on to the news updates, as we head into "Upfronts" week in the USA, we round up all the renewals and cancellations from the major US networks, along with what shows are still left in the balance. We also talk about a new comicbook adaptation picked up by Syfy, a potential 2nd Season for ‘Shogun’, Netflix's wonderfully bonker ‘Exploding Kittens‘, and the final season of ‘Snowpiercer‘ looking like it might actually pull into the station earlier than expected! Listen below!
  • Geektown Radio Episode 422: Baby Reindeer, Shardlake, Tales Of The Empire, Avoidance Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    We have a packed episode 422 of the Geektown Radio podcast, as our "film reviewer" Gray joins Dave to chat TV, film, and video game news & reviews!Gray is back, and retaining his title as "worlds worse film reviewer", as he, of course, has not watched a single movie... However, he does come armed with a selection of TV reviews, including Romesh Ranganathan's 'Avoidance', Diane Morgan's 'Mandy', BBC's 'Race Across the World', and Netflix's 'Baby Reindeer'. He also discusses 'Interior Design Masters', 'X-Men '97', 'Beyond Paradise', and ITV's 'Red Eye'. Meanwhile, Dave has been on a Disney+ binge, with reviews of 'Welcome to Wrexham' Season 3, 'Star Wars: Tales Of The Empire', and 'Shardlake'. They also discuss the surprisingly heartbreaking 'Clarkson’s Farm' Season 3, and the utterly bonkers WTF moment in the sixth episode of Apple TV+ crime thriller 'Sugar' starring Colin Farrell (no spoilers!)Moving on to the news, we're hurtling towards the final days of the 2024 "TV Bloodbath", so we run through what US TV shows are still left undecided, along with a number of UK cancellations and renewals. We also talk through what is going on with the potential sale of US media giant Paramount Global, CBS's ‘Fire Country’ getting a spin-off, a new live-action ‘Scooby-Doo’, and lots more! Listen below!
  • Geektown Radio Episode 421: Manor Lords, Clarkson’s Farm, Dead Boy Detectives, Red Eye Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    We return with episode 421 of the Geektown Radio podcast, and Matt from Entertainment Talk joins Dave to chat TV, film, and video game news & reviews!This week we discuss something we don't often cover here at Geektown - soaps! Specifically, some huge changes coming to one soap in particular, 'Hollyoaks'. Matt has been a longtime watcher of the soap, and they recently announced some major cost-cutting at Channel 4, which will see schedule changes and a big reduction in the cast. We discuss its impact, and why soaps are actual quite important to the UK TV landscape. Meanwhile, I have a string of reviews, including the new video game 'Manor Lords' which hit early access this week, a preview of 'Clarkson's Farm' Season 3, and reviews of Netflix's 'Dead Boy Detectives' and ITVX drama 'Red Eye'.Moving on to the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including a shocking cancellation from CBS... We also discuss returning to the world of ‘Orphan Black‘, how the casting director of a new Paramount+ series loves 'EastEnders', and Alibi bringing in a new drama in both English and Welsh! Listen below!
  • Geektown Radio Episode 420: Rebel Moon 2, The Beekeeper, La Brea, Planet Crafter Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    We are back with a packed episode 420 of the Geektown Radio podcast, as Dave is joined by Darryl from Hollywood North News to chat TV, film, and video game news & reviews!It's another birthday week for the podcast as Darryl turns one year older, but that hasn't slowed him down on his TV and film reviews. This week he brings us a wide selection including horror-comedy 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies', Jason Statham action film 'The Beekeeper', and the Zack Snyder sequel 'Rebel Moon: The Scargiver'. He also has TV reviews, with Netflix's Norwegian drama 'Midsummer Night', and 'X-Men '97'. Meanwhile, Dave has a review of the utterly bonkers 'La Brea' which returned to Paramount+ for a third and final season, along with a video game review of 'Planet Crafter', which dropped its 1.0 release last week.Moving on to the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including an updated pre-game rundown as we head towards the May "TV Bloodbath". This also includes the new dramas and comedies that the various US networks have ordered to series to replace some of the cancellations. Additionally, we have news of a new Apple TV show from the people behind the brilliant 'Slow Horses'! Listen below!
  • Geektown Radio Episode 419: Fallout, Oppenheimer, Pixar, No Man's Sky Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    We are back with a celebratory episode 419 of the Geektown Radio podcast, as Dave is joined by Matt from Entertainment Talk to chat TV, film, and video game news & reviews... and tattoos!It's a celebratory show this week as Matt turns 30, and has chosen to show off his love for 'Toy Story' with a new tattoo! He has also chosen some interesting, rather retro, activities for his big day too! Outside of his birthday, he's been catching up with 'Halo' Season 2... albeit in a somewhat unique way... and also headed to the cinema to watch some Pixar movie re-releases. Meanwhile, Dave brings us a review of the new 'Fallout' series on Prime Video, based on the popular video game, along with diving back into 'No Man's Sky' after a two-year break. He's also, finally, got round to watching 'Oppenheimer', so gives his thoughts on that too, and tells us why it's too short...Moving on to the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including Paramount+ cancelling a 'Star Trek' series, whilst CBS and the BBC come up with some surprise renewals! We also do something of a pre-game rundown as we hurtle towards the May "TV Bloodbath". Additionally, we have news of UKTV reviving a classic police drama, Mark Gatiss gets to play detective, and Ncuti's Doctor gets a new companion! Listen below!
  • Geektown Radio Episode 418: Tracker, This Town, Sugar, Star Trek: Discovery Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    After a little Easter break, we return for episode 418 of the Geektown Radio podcast, and Dave is joined by our "film reviewer" Gray to chat TV and film news & reviews!Gray returns to the podcast, and upholds his title for worst film reviewer as he hasn't reviewed any films (although, to be fair, he has been away on holiday...) However, he does come with a number of TV show reviews including 'True Detective', 'Mr & Mrs Smith', and 'Murder At The End Of The World'. And just to counter those heavy dramas, he also reviews 'Is It Cake', 'Taskmaster' and a whole string of 'Drag Race'-related content! In addition to all that, he gives his thoughts on 'X-Men '97', as something of a huge fan of the original series. Meanwhile, Dave reviews 'Tracker' which appeared recently on Disney+ UK, along with new Apple series 'Sugar' starring Colin Farrell, Steven Knight's 'This Town', which you can find on iPlayer, and the return of 'Star Trek: Discovery' for one final mission. We also both discuss the rather interesting PR strategy of Joe Lycett, who returns this week with his show 'Late Night Lycett', and how a number of the sillier news stories you have been seeing recently may not have been true...Moving on to the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including NBC shutting down the 'Quantum Leap' accelerator, 'Big Boys' finishing Uni, and 'Gladiators' fighting their way to a second season. We also have news on Disney+'s big “Star Wars Day” release, a bunch of Disney content coming to UKTV, a possible new iteration of ‘The Grand Tour’, and news on MGM+ launching in the UK. Listen below!
  • Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast 70: Star Trek: Discovery's Sonequa Martin-Green & Composer Jeff Russo

    As it was Easter, Dave gave the co-hosts the week off, but we do have a brilliant Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast, especially for those of you who are fans of 'Star Trek: Discovery', as we interview the Discovery captain herself, Sonequa Martin-Green, and prolific composer Jeff Russo, who not only scores Discovery, but a million other amazing shows!'Star Trek: Discovery' returns on Thursday, 4th April 2024 for its 5th and final season, as Sonequa Martin-Green takes the helm one last time in an epic adventure. In the interview, Sonequa discusses her feelings about the series coming to a close, the journey of her character, Michael, and whether we may see more of her in a Starfleet uniform at some point in the future...In the second interview, Dave catches up with composer Jeff Russo, the man who not only scores 'Star Trek: Discovery', but is also something of an overseer for the music across the current Star Trek franchise.In addition to 'Discovery', Jeff has a second show dropping on Thursday, 4th April 2024, which is Netflix’s much anticipated ‘Ripley’, a new adaptation of ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ starring Andrew Scott, which re-teams Jeff with the brilliant director Steven Zaillian, who he previously worked with on incredible mini-series ‘The Night Of’.Jeff is a prolific composer and has worked on such a ridiculous number of shows it is hard to keep track. In the interview, we not only talk about his work on 'Star Trek: Discovery' and 'Ripley', but also FX’s ’Fargo’, which recently concluded its 5th Season, Apple TV+’s ‘For All Mankind’, Netflix's ‘The Umbrella Academy’ which returns for its final season in August, and CBS dramedy ‘So Help Me Todd’.