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  • Geektown Radio Episode 419: Fallout, Oppenheimer, Pixar, No Man's Sky Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    We are back with a celebratory episode 419 of the Geektown Radio podcast, as Dave is joined by Matt from Entertainment Talk to chat TV, film, and video game news & reviews... and tattoos!It's a celebratory show this week as Matt turns 30, and has chosen to show off his love for 'Toy Story' with a new tattoo! He has also chosen some interesting, rather retro, activities for his big day too! Outside of his birthday, he's been catching up with 'Halo' Season 2... albeit in a somewhat unique way... and also headed to the cinema to watch some Pixar movie re-releases. Meanwhile, Dave brings us a review of the new 'Fallout' series on Prime Video, based on the popular video game, along with diving back into 'No Man's Sky' after a two-year break. He's also, finally, got round to watching 'Oppenheimer', so gives his thoughts on that too, and tells us why it's too short...Moving on to the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including Paramount+ cancelling a 'Star Trek' series, whilst CBS and the BBC come up with some surprise renewals! We also do something of a pre-game rundown as we hurtle towards the May "TV Bloodbath". Additionally, we have news of UKTV reviving a classic police drama, Mark Gatiss gets to play detective, and Ncuti's Doctor gets a new companion! Listen below!

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  • Geektown Radio Episode 418: Tracker, This Town, Sugar, Star Trek: Discovery Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    After a little Easter break, we return for episode 418 of the Geektown Radio podcast, and Dave is joined by our "film reviewer" Gray to chat TV and film news & reviews!Gray returns to the podcast, and upholds his title for worst film reviewer as he hasn't reviewed any films (although, to be fair, he has been away on holiday...) However, he does come with a number of TV show reviews including 'True Detective', 'Mr & Mrs Smith', and 'Murder At The End Of The World'. And just to counter those heavy dramas, he also reviews 'Is It Cake', 'Taskmaster' and a whole string of 'Drag Race'-related content! In addition to all that, he gives his thoughts on 'X-Men '97', as something of a huge fan of the original series. Meanwhile, Dave reviews 'Tracker' which appeared recently on Disney+ UK, along with new Apple series 'Sugar' starring Colin Farrell, Steven Knight's 'This Town', which you can find on iPlayer, and the return of 'Star Trek: Discovery' for one final mission. We also both discuss the rather interesting PR strategy of Joe Lycett, who returns this week with his show 'Late Night Lycett', and how a number of the sillier news stories you have been seeing recently may not have been true...Moving on to the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including NBC shutting down the 'Quantum Leap' accelerator, 'Big Boys' finishing Uni, and 'Gladiators' fighting their way to a second season. We also have news on Disney+'s big “Star Wars Day” release, a bunch of Disney content coming to UKTV, a possible new iteration of ‘The Grand Tour’, and news on MGM+ launching in the UK. Listen below!
  • Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast 70: Star Trek: Discovery's Sonequa Martin-Green & Composer Jeff Russo

    As it was Easter, Dave gave the co-hosts the week off, but we do have a brilliant Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast, especially for those of you who are fans of 'Star Trek: Discovery', as we interview the Discovery captain herself, Sonequa Martin-Green, and prolific composer Jeff Russo, who not only scores Discovery, but a million other amazing shows!'Star Trek: Discovery' returns on Thursday, 4th April 2024 for its 5th and final season, as Sonequa Martin-Green takes the helm one last time in an epic adventure. In the interview, Sonequa discusses her feelings about the series coming to a close, the journey of her character, Michael, and whether we may see more of her in a Starfleet uniform at some point in the future...In the second interview, Dave catches up with composer Jeff Russo, the man who not only scores 'Star Trek: Discovery', but is also something of an overseer for the music across the current Star Trek franchise.In addition to 'Discovery', Jeff has a second show dropping on Thursday, 4th April 2024, which is Netflix’s much anticipated ‘Ripley’, a new adaptation of ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ starring Andrew Scott, which re-teams Jeff with the brilliant director Steven Zaillian, who he previously worked with on incredible mini-series ‘The Night Of’.Jeff is a prolific composer and has worked on such a ridiculous number of shows it is hard to keep track. In the interview, we not only talk about his work on 'Star Trek: Discovery' and 'Ripley', but also FX’s ’Fargo’, which recently concluded its 5th Season, Apple TV+’s ‘For All Mankind’, Netflix's ‘The Umbrella Academy’ which returns for its final season in August, and CBS dramedy ‘So Help Me Todd’.
  • Geektown Radio Episode 417: 3 Body Problem, X-Men '97, Mind Over Magic, MegaCon Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    We are back with episode 417 of the Geektown Radio podcast, and Matt from Entertainment Talk joins Dave as they chat TV, games, and film news & reviews!This week, Matt makes a second attempt to watch 'Dune' on Netflix... How does he do? Listen to find out! He also chats season six of 'Young Sheldon', and updates us on his progress through the video game 'Lies Of P'. Meanwhile, Dave has been working his way through the new epic Netflix sci-fi drama '3 Body Problem' so brings us a review of that, and how it added to his irritation about the end of 'Game Of Thrones'... He also reviews the video game 'Mind Over Magic' which is out in Early Access on Steam, discusses the finales of both 'Halo' Season 2 and 'Twisted Metal', and his time spent this week at MegaCon Birmingham. They also both give their thoughts on the 'X-Men' animated series, both the original show and the new 'X-Men '97'.Moving on to the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including a very odd cancellation by Sky, how Neil Patrick Harris cannot catch a break, and NBC handing out a stack of renewals (except one...) We also talk about the BBC picking up a bunch of US imports, Paramount+ getting a ridiculous voice cast for an animated series, and a potential follow-up to the medical drama 'New Amsterdam'!
  • Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast 68: Sound Team From Apple's 'Masters Of The Air' Interview

    We are back with another Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast, and this week Dave is chatting with the sound team behind Apple TV+’s epic WW II drama ‘Masters Of The Air’ - Supervising Sound Editor, Jack Whittaker, and Re-Recording Mixers Duncan McRae and Michael Minkler.‘Masters Of The Air’ stars Austin Butler and Callum Turner, and follows the incredible true story of the 100th Bomb Group, a B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber unit in the US Eighth Air Force, based in England during World War II. It is the third series from the creative team behind both ‘Band Of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific’.In the epic drama, Jack’s expertise as a Supervising Sound Editor ensures that every auditory detail, from the roar of engines to the subtle nuances of dialogue, contributes to the immersive storytelling experience. He collaborates with Re-Recording Mixers Michael & Duncan, whose mastery lies in blending and enhancing different audio elements, the sound team meticulously crafts a sonic landscape that transports viewers into the heart of World War II aviation.Their work goes beyond mere technicality – it becomes a narrative force. The rumble of engines becomes a heartbeat, the soaring planes echo the bravery of young pilots, and the silence between explosions creates tension that underscores the gravity of their missions. Through their artistry, the sound team adds layers of emotion, suspense, and authenticity, enriching the narrative and ensuring that the audience feels the intensity of the story on a visceral level.Jack Whittaker's previous work includes films such as Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’, Ryan Reynolds ‘Free Guy’, and the Oscar-winning short ‘War Is Over!’. Duncan McRae also worked on ‘War Is Over!’, along with the films ‘One Night in Miami’, ‘Hamilton’, and ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’. Michael Minkler's extensive CV includes ‘The Pacific’, ‘Elvis’ (also starring Austin Butler), Tom Hanks film ‘Greyhound’, plus ‘Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood’, ‘Mamma Mia!’, ‘Dreamgirls’, and even goes back to ’Star Wars: A New Hope’.If you've yet to catch ‘Masters Of The Air’ the entire series is available now on Apple TV+ worldwide.
  • Geektown Radio Episode 416: Code 8 Part II, Twisted Metal, The Cleaning Lady & Robocroc Reviews, Plus TV News & UK Air Dates!

    We return with episode 416 of the Geektown Radio podcast, and Dave is joined by Darryl from Hollywood North News, as they chat TV and film news and reviews!Darryl always brings with him some interesting and eclectic choices when it comes to TV and film reviews and this week's options are beautifully odd. He begins with the genius that is the film 'Robocroc' which you can find on Prime Video in the UK. He also reviews various Netflix films including vampire movie 'V For Vengeance', Millie Bobby Brown film 'Damsel', and 'Code 8 Part II' starring Steven and Robbie Amell. If that wasn't enough, they also discuss Disney+ series 'Death and Other Details'. Meanwhile, Dave has been working through various previews of shows, including Anthony Mackie's series 'Twisted Metal', which lands this week on Paramount+, 'The Cleaning Lady', which started last week on Sky Witness, and the long and torturous wait for the return of 'Invincible' being over on Prime Video.Moving into the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including an air date for the return of 'Doctor Who', losing one part of the 'Power' franchise, but gaining another, and a premiere for ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte‘! We also run through the ridiculous cast of Harlan Coben’s ‘Missing You’ on Netflix, and see David Tennant turn his hand to game show hosting! Listen below!
  • Geektown Radio Episode 415: The Oscars, Argylle, Death and Other Details, Extraordinary, TV News & UK Air Dates!

    In episode 415 of the Geektown Radio podcast, Dave is joined by our film reviewer Gray, as we chat everything Oscars, along with our week in TV and some other movies!The big thing this week was, of course, The Oscars, so Gray and Day discuss the show itself, along with the winners and losers from the awards, and some of the entertaining things which happened. Gray also brings us a film review of the latest Matthew Vaughn movie 'Argylle', and a review of Disney/Marvel series 'Echo' (yes, I know he's very late to the party on that!) They also discuss the new Rob Beckett panel show 'Smart TV' on Sky. Meanwhile, Dave reviews the fun crime/mystery series 'Death and Other Details' which is on Disney+, and they both give their thoughts on the superpowered comedy 'Extraordinary', which returned this week for Season 2, also on Disney+.Moving into the news updates, we've got all the latest recent renewals, cancellations, and pickups, including a UK premiere date for ‘Orphan Black: Echoes‘, two shows renewed but ending, and the cancellation of an entire streaming service in the UK... sort of... In the news we have the BBC bringing a new version of Ian Rankin’s ‘Rebus’ novels to screen, Harlan Coben’s latest Netflix drama finding its lead, and the possible return of 'Baywatch'! Listen below!