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Shaping Culture through Intuition, Innovation & Reflection with Barbara de Vries

Season 2, Ep. 3

Even if you haven’t heard of Barbara de Vries, you’ve experienced the profound impact she’s had on culture. From creating Calvin Klein’s original iconic underwear ads to driving the plastics-free movement, Barbara is a quintessential creative who defies traditional titles and credentials. In this inspiring episode, Barbara gives us all permission to create, and shares priceless advice on how to leverage self-reflection & the power of hindsight as your best teacher. Plus, she tells riveting career stories of the 1980’s global fashion world that will make your jaw drop.

We talk about:

  • What the NYC fashion scene was like in the booming ‘80s
  • The unexpected story behind Calvin Klein’s iconic Kate Moss campaign
  • How to leverage hindsight for better decision-making
  • The best advice for building winning teams
  • How to avoid the ‘grass is greener’ trap
  • Why context is critical to when making big career decisions
  • Why you should give your dreams a chance — even if you don’t have the ‘credentials’

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  • 8. Building confidence, overcoming rejection, and creating a big life with Lydia Fenet

    Lydia Fenet is one of, if not THE, most sought-after charity auctioneers in the world. She’s graced thousands of stages and raised over $1 billion for over 800 nonprofit organizations. Take a peek at Lydia’s Instagram or scroll through one of her books, and you’ll immediately be transfixed by her infectious energy and you-can-sit-with-me confidence. Now the founder of the Lydia Fenet Agency, Lydia’s rise to the top came with important lessons about owning your worth, taking calculated risk, and being willing to put in the work. Lydia has built a BIG life for herself — and she’s spilling all of her secrets.In this episode, we talk about:Why rejection is actually the key to building confidenceLydia’s best tips for cultivating a big life — no matter where you come fromHow to own your worth and ask for what you deserve in your careerA tried-and-true way to overcome imposter syndrome, even in the most intimidating roomsThe pivotal moment when Lydia decided to start charging money as a charity auctioneer (we can all relate!)Lydia’s advice for filling your cup when you have a very full plateWhy financial literacy is crucial to success — and where to start if you feel behindHow Lydia manages occasionally missing out on big life moments as an entrepreneurWhy Lydia is willing to send YOU a copy of her book proposal (seriously.)Lydia’s favorite independent bookstores where you can buy her book (in addition to the usual spots):Diane’s Books in Greenwich, CTG.J. Ford Bookshop in St. Simons, GAGarden District Book Shop in New Orleans, LA
  • 7. Embracing Authenticity, Healing Through Community & Amplifying Voices that Matter with Bex Borucki

    Rebekah “Bex” Borucki’s success story is as unique and inspiring as she is. Starting her career as an OG YouTube wellness guru and rare woman of color in the industry, she is now the Founder of Row House Publishing – an imprint revolutionizing the publishing industry by amplifying marginalized voices and paying (gasp!) fair wages to their authors. Bex is a quintessential multi-hyphenate, a “hot grandma” (our words not hers), and one of the most big-hearted people we know. In this episode we talk about:The common thread tying together past and present professional incarnations of BexChallenges faced and lessons learned from growing up in a community with limited resourcesHow childhood experiences shaped Bex's career path – centering community and service Embracing both left-brained and right-brained qualities in navigating life and workRejecting traditional hierarchies in favor of collaborative leadershipBalancing motherhood, activism, and entrepreneurshipOvercoming fear and embracing authenticity in all aspects of lifeHow mindfulness helps Bex as a neurodivergent founder with a very full plate
  • 6. Building a Sustainable (and Successful) Beauty Business with Agatha Relota Luczo

    After a wildly successful career in modeling, Agatha Relota Luczo returned to her family’s ancestral roots in Sicily (literally) to found Furtuna Skin — a fully regenerative line of luxe skincare. Now the brand’s Founder and CEO, she shares the magic of La Furtuna Estate, the 800 acre farm behind Furtuna Skin, as well as the challenges involved in scaling a business while remaining steadfast in her dedication to quality, sustainability, and transparency. In this episode we talk about:The complex process of developing a bespoke formula from scratch (it ain’t easy, folks!)How Furtuna Skin found their niche in an overly crowded industryWhy “wildly potent” ingredients matter for skincare efficacyWhy Agatha initially chose to be the Chief Creative Officer and NOT the CEO of the company she foundedWhat “regenerative beauty” means and how it differs from clean beautyHow to avoid being green-washed by the other beauty brandsThe challenges of scaling a business while maintaining high sustainability standards — and how to overcome themHow Agatha juggles parenting four kids while running a businessWant to experience the magic of Fortuna Skin for yourself? Agatha is offering a special discount exclusively for Full Plate Full Cup listeners! Use code FPFC20 to take 20% off your next order. Limit one per customer, valid three months from 3/24/24.
  • 5. Unleash Your Creativity and Embrace your Inner Artist with James McCrae

    James McCrae, the mystic behind the viral @wordsarevibrations IG account, began his creative journey long before anyone knew of his work — writing thousands of poems the world never saw. Today, the author, teacher, and community leader is impassioned about helping anyone unleash their inner creative — and find the courage to put their work into the world. In this episode, James shares how he used intuition and a sense of play to leave an unfulfilling corporate career and build a creative empire. This episode will give you a new appreciation for your innate creativity and a clear roadmap to not only help it blossom, but also to incorporate it into your work and life.We talk about:Where to start if you want to tap into your creativityWhy we should all spend more time doing nothingThe surprising relationship between ego and intuitionWhy launching an idea before you’re ready can drastically improve your chance of successHow to work with — not against — your inner critic when putting work into the worldThe yin and yang of creativity — and how to use them to get unstuck in your creative processWhy being an artist is not all about talent — and what’s more important instead
  • 4. How to Flourish in a World that Wears us Down with Corey Keyes

    Corey Keyes is a sociologist, professor emeritus at Emory University, and author of “Languishing: How to Feel Alive Again in a World That Wears Us Down” who studies what makes life worth living. In this episode, Corey shares how he emerged from a horrific childhood to a possibility-filled life of challenging the status quo. We dive into how ‘the way things are’ often contributes to our feelings of languishing and why action is the antidote. Corey invites us to challenge the ideas of success, burnout, and mental illness — providing a roadmap for anyone to flourish.We talk about:What it was like to be the first to study mental HEALTH — not illnessHow to tell if you’re “languishing” — and exactly what to do about itThe one thing you can do today to flourish in your lifeWhat it means to live an ethical life beyond the context of religionHow to get off autopilot and feel re-engaged in your careerThe difference between burnout and demoralizationThe fascinating relationship between stress and flourishingTwo questions to ask yourself if you want to find more purpose in your work
  • 2. Building a Business — and a Life — that Lights You Up with Julianne Fraser

    Julianne Fraser is a pioneer in the world of influencer marketing. Founder and CEO of award-winning agency Dialogue NYC, the digital marketing expert attributes her success to something unexpected: offline time. In this episode, Julianne shares her unique philosophies around leadership, delegation, and work-life balance — all of which have helped her build a company with happy employees, and a rich personal life as a mom, cooking enthusiast, and part-time Parisian. We talk about:What led Julianne to follow her curiosity and create a trailblazing careerHow Julianne fights imposter syndrome as a business ownerWhy not taking every opportunity will actually boost your longevityThe most important aspect of succeeding in business — and how to nurture itExactly how Julianne chooses what clients to take on vs pass up as an agency ownerWhy promoting up a standard ladder may not be best for your team — and what to do insteadWhat steps Julianne took to enjoy a *real* maternity leave as a business ownerWhy coaching was a game-changer for Julianne as a solo founderThe business, career, and personal benefits to offline time
  • 1. "Stumbling Up" into Entrepreneurial Success with Madison Utendahl

    In our Season 2 opener, Amanda sits down with Madison Utendahl — a Forbes 30 Under 30, Adweek Creative 100, two-time Webby Award recipient, and the founder of her eponymous agency, Utendahl Creative. Madison speaks candidly about her experience with burnout and how she structured her company on the foundation of not burning out her people — a total anomaly in the cut-throat agency space. In this episode we talk about:How to “Stumble Up” in your career through open-minded explorationMadison’s tried and true tips for avoiding and healing burnoutWhy Madison isn’t afraid to say her company won’t last foreverWhat it means to be “anti-trend” and (why it’s cooler than being on-trend)The exact routine Madison employs to unleash her creativityThe best leadership tips for anyone in a managerial roleHow to find the common thread while celebrating our differencesThe world-changing impact of vulnerability
  • 22. Building a creative career by following intuition with Katie Dreke

    Katie Dreke has worked at the top creative companies in the world — from agencies like Weiden + Kennedy and IDEO to in-house at Nike and adidas. But Katie’s career wasn’t always at the epicenter of innovation. In this episode, the DRKE founder walks us through how following a mix of her curiosity and the cultural zeitgeist led her to be thought leader at the intersection of creativity and tech over the past three decades.We talk about: How to get your foot in the door of a new career path — without formal trainingHow to identify and become a thought leader on your area of expertiseThe good, the bad, and the ugly about agency life (Katie doesn’t hold back!)Exactly how to gain clarity on the next best step in your careerWhy you shouldn’t underestimate the value of things that come easily to youKatie’s best tips for leveraging LinkedIn to your advantageThe one question we should all ask ourselves before making a purchaseConnect with Katie:LinkedIn: www.drke.coTwitter: