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Full Plate Full Cup

Our Biggest Lessons, Takeaways, and Advice from 1 Year in Business with Amanda and Rebecca

Season 1, Ep. 19

We’ve *officially* made it to the one-year milestone of Full Plate Full Cup — and we learned a lot along the way! In this Q&A episode with our founders, we share the good, the bad, and the too-pretty-to-be-authentic of our first year in business. We talk about avoiding the trap of “work, eat, sleep,” how we built a business without funding, and how our biggest mistake led to a strategic pivot one month in. We also talk about what qualities potential founders should nurture and the advice they should NOT ignore. If you’re an existing or aspiring entrepreneur, this episode is a must-listen!

We talk about:

  • Why we don’t seek work-life balance (and what we strive for instead)
  • The biggest misconception about burnout and how to manage it
  • Our year 1 business goal, plus what we did — and didn’t — do to achieve it
  • How to allocate resources as a bootstrapped entrepreneur
  • Our biggest failure that you probably never saw, and how it impacted our strategy
  • The hard truth about trying to be someone you’re not at work
  • The best advice for founders…that they too often ignore

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  • 3. Shaping Culture through Intuition, Innovation & Reflection with Barbara de Vries

    Even if you haven’t heard of Barbara de Vries, you’ve experienced the profound impact she’s had on culture. From creating Calvin Klein’s original iconic underwear ads to driving the plastics-free movement, Barbara is a quintessential creative who defies traditional titles and credentials. In this inspiring episode, Barbara gives us all permission to create, and shares priceless advice on how to leverage self-reflection & the power of hindsight as your best teacher. Plus, she tells riveting career stories of the 1980’s global fashion world that will make your jaw drop.We talk about:What the NYC fashion scene was like in the booming ‘80sThe unexpected story behind Calvin Klein’s iconic Kate Moss campaignHow to leverage hindsight for better decision-makingThe best advice for building winning teamsHow to avoid the ‘grass is greener’ trapWhy context is critical to when making big career decisionsWhy you should give your dreams a chance — even if you don’t have the ‘credentials’
  • 2. Building a Business — and a Life — that Lights You Up with Julianne Fraser

    Julianne Fraser is a pioneer in the world of influencer marketing. Founder and CEO of award-winning agency Dialogue NYC, the digital marketing expert attributes her success to something unexpected: offline time. In this episode, Julianne shares her unique philosophies around leadership, delegation, and work-life balance — all of which have helped her build a company with happy employees, and a rich personal life as a mom, cooking enthusiast, and part-time Parisian. We talk about:What led Julianne to follow her curiosity and create a trailblazing careerHow Julianne fights imposter syndrome as a business ownerWhy not taking every opportunity will actually boost your longevityThe most important aspect of succeeding in business — and how to nurture itExactly how Julianne chooses what clients to take on vs pass up as an agency ownerWhy promoting up a standard ladder may not be best for your team — and what to do insteadWhat steps Julianne took to enjoy a *real* maternity leave as a business ownerWhy coaching was a game-changer for Julianne as a solo founderThe business, career, and personal benefits to offline time
  • 1. "Stumbling Up" into Entrepreneurial Success with Madison Utendahl

    In our Season 2 opener, Amanda sits down with Madison Utendahl — a Forbes 30 Under 30, Adweek Creative 100, two-time Webby Award recipient, and the founder of her eponymous agency, Utendahl Creative. Madison speaks candidly about her experience with burnout and how she structured her company on the foundation of not burning out her people — a total anomaly in the cut-throat agency space. In this episode we talk about:How to “Stumble Up” in your career through open-minded explorationMadison’s tried and true tips for avoiding and healing burnoutWhy Madison isn’t afraid to say her company won’t last foreverWhat it means to be “anti-trend” and (why it’s cooler than being on-trend)The exact routine Madison employs to unleash her creativityThe best leadership tips for anyone in a managerial roleHow to find the common thread while celebrating our differencesThe world-changing impact of vulnerability
  • 22. Building a creative career by following intuition with Katie Dreke

    Katie Dreke has worked at the top creative companies in the world — from agencies like Weiden + Kennedy and IDEO to in-house at Nike and adidas. But Katie’s career wasn’t always at the epicenter of innovation. In this episode, the DRKE founder walks us through how following a mix of her curiosity and the cultural zeitgeist led her to be thought leader at the intersection of creativity and tech over the past three decades.We talk about: How to get your foot in the door of a new career path — without formal trainingHow to identify and become a thought leader on your area of expertiseThe good, the bad, and the ugly about agency life (Katie doesn’t hold back!)Exactly how to gain clarity on the next best step in your careerWhy you shouldn’t underestimate the value of things that come easily to youKatie’s best tips for leveraging LinkedIn to your advantageThe one question we should all ask ourselves before making a purchaseConnect with Katie:LinkedIn: www.drke.coTwitter:
  • 21. How to Make a Massive Career Pivot & Live Your Purpose with Vanessa Bennett

    In this “keeping it 100” episode, we talk to therapist, host of the hit podcast “Cheaper Than Therapy,” and author of “It’s Not Me, It’s You” Vanessa Bennett – a long-time friend of Amanda’s. Vanessa shares how she went back to square one, leaving a lucrative career in marketing behind to follow “breadcrumbs” to a more aligned career path. In this episode we talk about:How to use therapy and self-discovery as tools to unlock career purposeHow to break free of “golden handcuffs” when pivoting industriesThe real AF details of bootstrapping a career shift Vanessa’s best tips for following intuition and moving through fearThe power of mindfulness and a spiritual practice in building an aligned careerHow Vanessa and her husband “The Angry Therapist” balance work and life togetherTips for putting anything creative into the world (hint – it might not be perfect)
  • 20. Overcoming Rejection, Owning your Confidence, and Thriving as a Self-Taught Creative with Priyanka Naik

    Self-taught vegan chef, Food Network champion, and cookbook author Priyanka Naik knows a thing or two about transforming a side hustle into a full-time creative job. In this inspiring episode, Priyanka walks us through her journey from tech employee to entrepreneur. She gets real about what she sacrificed for her dream, where she finds confidence, and how she overcame rejection time and time again. Plus, Priyanka shares the story about what unexpectedly led her to put everything into Chef Priyanka — and what she’s still learning from that experience.In this episode we talk about:What it *really* looks like to go after a dream while working full-timeWhy it’s important to use your analytical and creative brain, no matter what type of work you doThe tools Priyanka used to rebuild her life after getting laid off from her full-time jobHow to be the most confident person in the roomThe best advice for anyone who wants to start crafting a personal brandWhy you should shout your accomplishments from the rooftops!The best thing all of us can do to live a little greener
  • 18. How to Shift Your Self-Talk — For Good — with Katie Horwitch

    Katie Horwitch is a self-talk expert who believes that shifting the way we talk to ourselves is about far more than the words we say. In this episode, the “Want Your Self” author gets vulnerable about how she got into this work (2000’s kids can relate!) and what she’s learned over 15 years of research, writing, coaching, and speaking on the topic. She gets specific about how anyone — regardless of your relationship to your self — can shift their self-talk patterns. We also discuss how to overcome negativity bonding, toxic positivity, and self-deprecation. This episode will convince you that shifting how you speak to yourself will not only change your life — but also change the world.In this episode we talk about:A specific formula to live and work with integrityWhere to start if you want to shift your self-talk (hint: it’s not about the talk)Why receiving pushback on your business idea may actually be a *good* thingWhy you don’t need to ‘niche down’ in your career — and how to view your work insteadHow the people around you affect your ability to tap into your intuitionHow to help someone in your life who speaks negatively about themselvesHow to fully celebrate yourself and help others celebrate themselves, too (no more self-deprecating!)
  • 17. A Roadmap to Answer the Existential Questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” with Dr. Sara Kuburic

    Dr. Sara Kuburic, the existential therapist behind the popular IG account @millennial.therapist, shares how anyone can recover their sense of Self — no matter how long they’ve been feeling lost. We dive deep into some of the darkest places of our shared human experience…and learn tactical tools and strategies to help us heal. The “It’s On Me” author gets real about toxic positivity, self loss, and why self-love shouldn’t necessarily be the end goal. This episode will leave you full of hope, no matter what your relationship to your Self looks like.In this episode we talk about:The war-torn upbringing that led Sara to her work todayWhat an ‘existential therapist’ is, and how this modality views sufferingThe leap of faith — and goal — that led Sara to grow her IG following to 1.5MHow to build a healthy relationship with social mediaWhat ‘self loss’ is, symptoms, and how to start reclaiming your sense of selfWhat to do if you feel like you’re not “exactly where you were meant to be”Exactly how to begin living more intentionally and reclaim your lifeHow to prevent burnout as someone who is highly motivated to work