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  • 8. S2E8 | The future of electricity markets in Great Britain with Stephen Woodhouse, Director at AFRY Management Consulting

    For the season finale of Fuelling the transition we are joined by Stephen Woodhouse, Director at AFRY Management Consulting. With over twenty years of experience in the energy business, Stephen specialises in changing energy markets, market design and the strategic response of commercial players.AFRY recently brought together market participants from a range of industry players to look at the proposed market design changes occurring in Great Britain. Initially looking at different aspects of market design and how a move to a centralised locational market could potentially happen, the scope was expanded after the REMA consultation. No longer looking at the formation of prices in the spot market and the extent to which we co-optimise with location systems and ancillary services, the project’s scope broadened. A range of issues from the REMA consultation were explored, including how energy could be traded separately from green energy, the possibility of split markets for these services, and the form of support available for capacity and renewable generation.Listen to the latest episode as Stephen explores the key messages from the REMA consultation, his view on marginal pricing in electricity markets, and the potential for more flexible demand on the system.

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  • 7. S2E7 | What next for the decarbonisation of industrial heat? with Tamsin Lishman, Chief Revenue Officer at EnergyNest

    How do we decarbonise industrial heat? Could thermal batteries be part of a potential solution?In this episode of Fuelling the transition, Matt Brown and Alex Blanckley, Principal at AFRY Management Consulting, are joined by Tamsin Lishman, Chief Revenue Officer at EnergyNest. Founded in 2011, EnergyNest have developed an innovative thermal battery technology capable of providing 24/7 green, reliable and cost-effective steam to industry.Exploring topics surrounding thermal batteries and decarbonisation, they discuss whether decarbonising heat is as difficult as commonly thought, the future of decarbonisation in the industrial sector, and the impact of the ongoing gas crisis on the industrial sector.
  • 6. S2E6 | Reducing energy demand in the UK with Nick Eyre, Professor of Energy and Climate Policy at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

    In this episode of Fuelling the transition, we are joined by Nick Eyre, Professor of Energy and Climate Policy at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. Director of the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions, Nick’s role entails looking into energy use, energy demand and energy efficiency. He is also an acting Co-Director of the University of Oxford's new Zero Institute, which aims to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon energy system.In addition to Nick, Matt is joined by Bettina Wittneben, Sustainability Lead UK, at AFRY Management Consulting to discuss a range of topics concerning energy demand, including:-) The drivers and policies that are driving energy demand in the UK-) The approaches to lowering energy demand for heating and cooling, and whether heat pumps and hydrogen could provide potential solutions-) The different approaches to handling increased energy and commodity prices-) How Nick thinks the government should help with energy bills in the UK's cost of living crisis-) The potential of new solutions to respond to increased energy demand
  • 5. S2E5 | Green Steel – shaping a better future with Eva Blixt, Senior Advisor at Jernkontoret

    In this episode we are joined by Eva Blixt, Senior Advisor and Research Manager at Jernkontoret, the Swedish Steel Industry Association. Jernkontoret safeguards the steel industry's interests, working for the best possible preconditions for operations in Sweden.Traditionally, the steel industry’s image has not been well perceived, being seen as old-fashioned, male-dominated, and negatively impacting the environment, which led to Jernkontoret working with stakeholders to develop their “steel shapes a better future” vision. The vision has three key undertakings to change this perception: leading technical development, nurturing creative individuals, and creating environmental benefits.Eva joins us along with John Williams, Head of Hydrogen Expertise Cluster and Bettina Wittneben, Sustainability Lead UK at AFRY Management Consulting, to discuss where the steel industry is heading through innovations such as fossil-free steel, its associated emissions, and how it has changed in recent years.
  • 4. S2E4 | The Gas Crisis of 2022 – What next for European gas? with Lucy Field, Manager at AFRY Management Consulting

    In this episode, Lucy Field, an expert in European and global gas markets at AFRY Management Consulting, joins us to discuss the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the European gas supply. This episode follows two recent webinars conducted in February and March covering the gas crisis and how it has developed since the invasion of Ukraine. These webinars are available here on our website: we be able to cope without Russian gas, and how feasible is the EU’s plan to reduce Russian gas imports by two-thirds by the end of the year? Lucy and Matt provide their thoughts on what will happen next.
  • 3. S2E3 | Building the UK hydrogen backbone with Tony Green, Hydrogen Director at National Grid

    In this episode, Tony Green, Hydrogen Director at National Grid, and John Williams, Head of Hydrogen Expertise Cluster at AFRY Management Consulting, join us to discuss the challenges in implementing hydrogen. Tony is involved in two exciting hydrogen projects: FutureGrid and Project Union. FutureGrid involves building a facility to create a representative whole-network to trial hydrogen. Project Union will develop a UK hydrogen ‘backbone’, joining together clusters around the country, potentially creating a 2000km hydrogen network. In addition to discussing these projects, this episode will explore the following issues:-) Managing the transition and challenges in repurposing natural gas pipelines to hydrogen-) The potential for blending and de-blending hydrogen-) The impact of hydrogen on National Grid’s regulatory approach-) How to take the first steps towards a hydrogen wholesale market
  • 2. S2E2 | How will hydrogen impact heat and safety in the home? with Angela Needle, Director of Strategy at Cadent

    In this episode, Angela Needle, Director of Strategy at Cadent, and John Williams, Head of Hydrogen Expertise Cluster at AFRY Management Consulting, join us to discuss a range of topics concerning hydrogen and the energy transition. This includes Cadent’s involvement in hydrogen through HyNet, the role of hydrogen in heat, safety and plans for the first hydrogen village. They also explore Angela’s role as co-founder of the Women’s Utilities Network, a group focussed on helping women develop their skills within the energy space.