Fresh Soup


Fresh Soup 112: Hilfingerz, Mindful Soup

Season 1, Ep. 112

Even in a global pandemic, we find it difficult to stop doing things. (Sourdough starters, that's all I'm saying.) The omnipresence of activity is inbuilt through decades of life in the neoliberal west, which is why many of us have tried, with varying success, to employ some kind of mindfulness to our routines. For Hilfingerz, his moment to stop and reflect, to enjoy life for what it is, manifests itself in a diversion from the 130bpm club bangers with throbbing basslines and skipping beats we've come to know him for. Tom might not be walking the way of the Rajneesh quite yet, but his baby steps are a reminder for us all to take a moment to ourselves; and what better an excuse than locking yourself into Fresh Soup 112 for an hour of carefree dance music mindfulness.

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