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Fresh Soup

Fresh Soup 132: Matthew Egginton

Season 1, Ep. 132

Corona and conflict, corruption and climate, uncertain times call for a measure of calm. Who ya gonna call? If global confusion were a ghost, our Matthew Egginton would be the embodiment of Bill Murray and his phantom bashing pals. Fanning out the noise with another session of soothing spiritual house music, lose yourself in the blissful beats of our very own bedlam buster.

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  • 138. Fresh Soup 138: Hilfingerz, eUROpURO

    Engurland, Engurland, Engurland ... your Royal duty as a St George cross-bearing, sunburn-sporting, pint of Carling-swilling, monobloc polypropylene chair-chucking, international King of the louts is upon you. Let batty old Liz swear you into the court of chaos, say your oath to the spirit of Captain Tom, spit on the Marxist cult of BLM and shag a poppy. Your time is now, your country needs you. Or actually, just get in the sea you fascist fucks. Capturing the contradictory spirit of our troubled nation, Hilfingerz welcomes in the wonder and woe of football coming home, from flying chairs to brave lions, settle in for a rib cage-rocking set of tech house that screams 'take the knee', 'shut up you racist wankers', and most importantly 'fucking come on ENGLAND!'
  • 137. Fresh Soup 137: Pierre a Soif

    If you were in danger of having a lazy weekend, collapsing into your easy chair and tuning into Kenny Rogers, then fear not, our very own hero in a half shell is back to save your Saturday. With a familiar Soup session of squelching electronica and throbbing club-ready beats, the bandana-clad martial arts expert lures you from the sofa into his sewer.
  • 136. Fresh Soup 136: Simon Howlett

    Deep and delicious, Simon Howlett's mixes are made for sweltering late nights and balmy evenings as the sun sets on a city skyline. Dropping in another Soup session of house music inflected by gospel, soul, disco and more, this one's to the start of the summer we all deserve but probably won't get.
  • 135. Fresh Soup 135: Øhm Sweet Øhm presents Pool Beats

    Summer is peaking through the clouds of Covid and threatening the status quo with the promise of fun. Remember that? To celebrate the return of sunburnt noses and sweaty briefs, our very own Øhm Dawg has cracked open a tinny and is luring us to his pool party with a session of future beats, lo-fi hip hop, neo soul and contemporary r&b.
  • 134. Fresh Soup 134: DJ Simm, Marcus Intalex Remembered

    Active from 1991 until his untimely death in 2017, Marcus Intalex was a true pioneer of drum and bass in the north west of England, and a force our Simm considered one of the very best their was. Also producing house and techno music under the pseudonym Trevino, this tribute to a prolific game-changer in dance music takes us from Intalex's frenetic and soulful d&b back down to the slower but no less intense sounds of his four-to-the-floor alter ego; Simm marking the anniversary of his passing with a mix that embraces tempos from 174bpm to 126bpm.
  • 133. Fresh Soup 133: JBdeQ

    With a record bag capable of slaying a dancefloor at a rate more rapid than care home occupants were slain by a failed herd immunity policy, JBdeQ returns with another hour packed to the rafters with pitched up vocals, breakbeats, acid lines and booty-shaking beats and bleeps; working your inner hedonist into quite the stupor.
  • 131. Fresh Soup 131: Pete Carvell

    The management would like to issue Mr Pete Carvell a formal double apology. Firstly, the blighter keeps making topical statements in his episodes: we are aware this is posted on the wrong day. Secondly, after finally making a date with a beautician, he asked us not to include this photo of his lockdown monobrow ... Actually, have just been informed neither of these devilishly handsome men are actually Mr Carvell, but they are in a pub, which keeps us inline with topical statements. Delivering another blistering hour of four-to-the-floor pumpers, our Pete celebrates an emergence from at-home drinking sessions and freezing cold terraces in typically boisterous style.
  • Fresh Soup 130: Mark Kovich

    Dishing up a Soup serving with another selection of lush house sounds more contagious than the Indian variant, big Mark Kovich is back behind our boogie box to take your weekend to the next level. Deep and dreamy, dandy and discoey, lose yourself in the hypnotic groove of house goodness.