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The Ten Co - Episode 27

Another Monday with another special episode for you! Season 3 is packed with much-awaited guests. Today, we have The Ten Co originally Team Ten Extracts, multiple cup winners all over the world and world renown brand. Blue Zushi, Yellow Zushi, Zoy, WaZabi, and Levels strains made famous by The Ten Co. They are leading the charge from UK brands transplanted in the US doing their own wave and how can you not love fire strains with great branding and packaging representing the vibe of the owner! Modern day taste maker and all around wave, The Ten Co continues to surprise us with the grand opening of their New LA based store! If you know of The Ten Co, you are in for a treat and if you don’t, this is the Zushi Wave maker, and all around great businessman. One hundred percent respected by peers and innovator supreme. 

Let's give an awesome welcome to The Ten Co!

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    Global Cannabis Networks, Throwing Events, Teamwork is CrucialRoll Up, let’s spark one and welcome the Network Show to First Smoke of the Day. A business to business platform that is connecting cultivations, dispensary owners, brands, extractors and everyone in between. A crucial move these days in the cannabis industry and always has been is your network. The network show highlights and connects business owners to the businesses that want product and connection to owners. Direct relationship building at its finest for the cannabis industry ! Let’s hear their story and learn about what it takes and why connections are so crucial in this business. Network Show x FSOTD.
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    20+yr Cannabis Microbiologist, Global Food Control by Russia, Organic Vs. Non-OrganicThis episode you might want to hold off smoking for! We dive deep into the Soil Web and science behind soil, hydroponics, and coco with benefits to each and downfalls. Today we welcome a 20+ year microbiologist and Agronomist to First Smoke, Brandon Rust. This episode is for all plant lovers and cultivators no matter the fruit your chasing, species you like growing or kind of plant you find interesting. Lighting up we get into why we only have 60 years worth of nutrients to mine from Russia and then we are going to face real issues with our global food pricing and supply chain. Brandon speaks about the microbiology and chemistry behind cannabis plants and understanding how the plant actually grows and the sciences behind it. Why grow Organic Vs. Non-organic? We get deep into the ramifications we face as a planet as well as health benefits and waste benefits. It was inspiring to hear about Brandon’s very rough childhood and seeing how he blossomed, became one of the leading plant agronomists and microbiologists in the entire cannabis space today. Listen in and take notes as we welcome Brandon Rust of Bokashi earthworks to first smoke of the day podcast.Connect with Brandon Rust! SponsorsDr. Dabber | IGGrow Generation | IGDrip Hydro | IGFSOTD LinksWebsite | YouTubeMake sure to tell all your friends and family to subscribe! Go register on the website for all the exclusive ad-free content, BTS, tutorials, and more! Please leave a 5-Star review! We appreciate your support, First Smoke Family!
  • Boo Johnson - Episode 110

    Face of Pro Skateboarding & Weed, Ayahuasca Ceremony, DGK x RAW Collab, Launching Business’sIt’s that time! Roll up, today we have Boo Johnson pro skateboarder and the face of cannabis culture X skateboarding combined. We dive deep into Ayahuasca Ceremonies and the lessons they leave with you. Talking about the first time Boo ever smoked cannabis and what it was like on those early skate trips as a teen. Getting deep into the skate scene and getting signed by the Powell-Peralta team. Boo’s career insights as it all starts to take off for him and becoming a professional skateboarder. Inspirations like Stevie Williams and how Boo got into the business side of the industry and self branding. Some of the most inspirational lessons Boo leaves us with is how he collaborates and launches multiple products around his lifestyle and interests. Just to name a few Collaborations like Raw Rolling papers, Pharmacy Board shop, Cure Company Cannabis, (JHF) Just Have Fun Co, Long Beach Creamery, BooHooMan Clothing, DGK, Supra, Diamond Supply, Hawkers Co, Spy Sunglasses and many more. Light up, Listen in, and let’s take a ride it’s FSOTD x Boo J!!Connect with Nicky DiamondsInstagram - Boo JohnsonFSOTD SponsorsDr. Dabber | IGGrow Generation | IGDrip Hydro | IGFSOTD LinksWebsite | YouTubeMake sure to tell all your friends and family to subscribe! Go register on the website for all the exclusive ad-free content, BTS, tutorials, and more! Please leave a 5-Star review! We appreciate your support, First Smoke Family!