Firefly - All Better Worlds

A little real-play RPG in the Firefly 'Verse. Set after the Miranda Revelation/The Signal, this is a story about a crew trying to make their way in the 'Verse, and figuring out just how deep the rabbit hole went.

  • 4.1. Baker Burns a Batch

    In this episode - the team celebrates Mother's Day a little late, and in a non-traditional way.Also, the Alliance shows up to help the crew with their problems... or, wait, is that to help them complicate their already complicated lives?Come enjoy our antics in the 'Verse edge of the Whedonverse - we are on all sorts of streaming services, and on the socials: Firefly All Better Worlds on Facebook, @FireflyRPG_ABW on Twitter and Universadon, and
  • 3.3. Accidental Allies

    In this episode, the characters get help from an unexpected source... but they also dive a bit more into Shi Sying's history.Hope you enjoy this part of the story!
  • 3.2. Sometimes Dead is Better...

    Welcome to Firefly: All Better Worlds! In this episode, our daring adventurers travel in the catacombs searching for treasure and try to avoid mimics...wait, wrong game!Or is it?Ultimately, the crew of the Pandavas explore the cave system they discovered in a previous episode... and all of the mysteries it has to share!
  • 3.1. Tales from an Easy Bake Oven

    Ni Hao Browncoats! Welcome to our little corner of Joss Whedon's Firefly 'Verse! We find the crew of the Pandavas in a spelunking mood as they make their way in to the previously discovered subterranean facility that literally took Shi's breath away!It's a slow burn episode... hehe... but we hope you enjoy! (Also, I just realized that this is episode 12, not 14... my bad! Still - enjoy!)
  • 2.5. Et Tu Brutus?

    Apologies for the delay! But we're back for the Episode 2 Finale - the crew of the Pandavas confront the local gangs and un-hand the culprits over for gang justice!Come see how that plays out... if only things went smooth.
  • 2.4. Red Chowder Nightmares

    Ni hao Browncoats! In this episode, the crew fights against the gangers coming to take the farm of Tiny's war-buddy, Soupy.And some secrets are revealed!ENJOY!
  • 2.3. Terra-freakin' out!

    In this episode of Firefly: All Better Worlds, the crew saves Soupy's wife and son from explosive smiles only to find themselves against nature itself!And with the clock ticking, do they make it in time? Let's find out in this episode!(Firefly All Better Worlds is a real-play RPG podcast set in the Whedon 'Verse, after the events of the movie Serenity, and uses the Margaret Weiss Cortex Plus system...)
  • 2.2. Stubborn as a Mule

    In this episode, the crew learns how to drive a mule... They also find Soupy's wife and son - will they save them? Will Shi get to dye his shirt red?And will they get to do it all in time?Find out in this episode of Firefly: All Better Worlds!
  • 2.1. Soupy-Time!

    Ni Hao Browncoats! In this episode of the podcast, we start a new episode of the 'show' - and meet one of Tiny's old buddies from Georgia... who needs help -his homestead is under threat.Will the characters help? Will their assumptions be right?Stay tuned!