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NorthOne with Justin Adler | E259

Ep. 259

Jason talks to Justin Adler, co-founder of NorthOne. It is an online Business Account with built-in features to make business banking fast and easy. Justin helps people with this entire profit for a system, they put people in envelopes or supplements, but nevertheless it's basically splitting up by dollars or percentages and making sure that when the taxman comes calling the money sitting there when payroll comes, it's done which is fantastic.

Episode Highlights

  • 0.54: When launching NorthOne Justin Adler's goal was to transform what would be a really burdensome experience of traditional banking into one that's simple, fast and efficient. NorthOne is like Uber for banking and financial management.
  • 04.19: When setting up his business Justin visited several places and did in-depth research. He realized that the problems we seen growing up were so widespread and so commonplace and they really resulted from the fact that small business owners are generally really good at what they do. They are great at your craft, but they are so ill prepared and ill set up for the financial management side.
  • 06.16: By launching NorthOne, Justin aimed to remove the opportunity cost of doing day-to-day banking from the business owner so that we could turn the really burdensome banking experience for small business owners. 
  • 07.50: Justin co-designed a feature called the Northland profit first envelope system. This allows the small business center to literally, with one click on drag and drop, an automatic budgeting system so that whenever they deposit money, the correct amount is sequestered for things like rent, payroll, taxes. 
  • 11.02: As per Justin, one of the biggest threats to the economy today is the failure rate of small businesses.
  • 13.13: One of the big features that Justin and his team worked on this year has been really about defining more convenient ways for folks to get paid and make payments. 
  • 16.09: Justin says that they focused on integrations that really allowed the bank account to do what it does best.

3 Key Points

  1. Justin shares how he has built a system to basically implement the entire cash flow model.
  2. Many small business owners use cash basis accounting to make decisions for what they can, what they can afford, what they can buy. A lot of what Justin has also focused on this year has been building integrations so that the business center can get a wider circumference and expand on the view of what's going on in their business through the Northwest Bank account.
  3. Justin shares how he sees the future of the product and the best way to serve the customer. NorthOne is a platform that really kind of connects that small business center to a variety of different proxy tools and services that they need. 

Tweetable Quotes

  • "NorthOne is a digital challenger bank specifically made for the needs of small business owners across the country." – Justin
  • "We worked with our team to really figure out how to take that functionality ACH and take it as fast as possible." – Justin
  • "We have always stood behind the idea that if you make a product service, it's good customers should be happy to pay a fair price for it." - Justin

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Elements with Reese Harper | E269

Ep. 269
Jason talks to Reese Harper, CEO of Elements. It is a financial planning company focused on delivering deep, meaningful conversations between clients and advisors, but specifically focused on the key things that they need to focus on in order to be effective in their financial planning journey. Episode Highlights1.36: Reese shares how the idea of launching Elements came through? What factors motivated him?06.38: Reese tried to create a more efficient way to answer questions without him having to do any of the data entry or data maintenance. 07.49: As per Reese they are trying to get deeper in conversations, but not have as many extensive presentations as they are trying to put in front of people. 13.48: Saving money, spending money, paying taxes and paying debt are the four elements that are the four vital signs that cash flow is made-up of.16.02: Reese explains how the elements financial planning system scorecard works. 18.58: Reese discusses the obligation that they have as the software provider in a world where it's all about financial health. 21.28: As per Reese both benchmarks and heuristics are important and right now, they just have heuristics in the system. 23.37: Reese supports the idea of advisors using guidelines and benchmarks to motivate clients toward a healthier state when needed. 26.27: Insights engine is what are we going to surface to the advisor to show them what's going on with their clientele.30.12: Reese shares the success stories and how well the app is received by clients.33.37: Reese explains how their entire clientele is not on meetings. He is batching responses and he is doing it asynchronously.35.52: A DSO that employs like 200 dentists, it's really hard to cost effectively work with rank-and-file dentists, says Reese.3 Key PointsReese discusses an easy way to measure holistic financial health. He shares how the elements financial planning system helps clients to collect and organize financial data and then gives a snapshot of all their key financial health metrics–in one view.Reese talks about the three main ways that they use to interact with clients.The advisor mobile version is mostly meant for real-time analysis, and when you get on the phone with the client, you will be editing data on the fly with them. The web is there for triage and sort of book-level clientele, explains Reese. Tweetable Quotes"If you ever tried to build your own software for your own needs, using your own money from profits from another business that like an advisory business to pay for software, you realize very quickly that it, it's very challenging." - Reese"You could really overwhelm people quite Quickly if you say we have to collect all the financial vital signs that exist in the world." – Reese"Benchmarking is kind of the V2 of what we see coming. It is when you can create internal when you have a large enough internal sample, you can start creating financial health metrics." - Reese"Almost everything that matters to you in your life has some representation on your phone screen." - JasonResources MentionedFacebook – Jason Pereira's FacebookLinkedIn – Jason Pereira's – Sponsor

Wax with Richard Vinhais | E268

Ep. 268
Jason talks to Richard Vinhais CEO of WAX. It is a platform for ensuring collectible items of high value and making sure that if anything goes wrong with your treasured collectible or sentimental value object that basically you are protected. In addition, they have helped people with custody and leverage of these assets with that.Episode Highlights1.42: Richard talks about his background and how his journey started. 08.22: Chubb is the world's largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. They have 200 billion in assets, maybe 40 billion plus in gross premium. They are who you want and they kind of concentrate on the high network space. 10.10: Richard talks about the lending business that they launched the previous quarter which is really in pilot.11.15: Richard explains in the collection management process there is an element of doing kind of a rapid income analysis on the individual rapid employment data. 13.14: Richard shares how they determine the value of assets and what is the process that they follow. 17.08: Cash is not as cheap as it, it was even six months ago. If you look back even a year ago when money was virtually free, that is just not the market conditions today. But there is still always a space for an individual that's looking for a quick infusion of cash, says Richard. 19.05: Once we are vaulting, we are responsible that means the insurance needs to be fully in place. The conditions of the vault need to be exceptional, says Richard.22.05: As per Richard, understanding the collector mindset is everything because every collector, they have their own tribe. Every collector also has their why behind, why they collect.25.12: As per Richard, they could open up the valves to allow anybody to enter their ecosystem which will certainly grow the top line of the business, but as claims start rolling in because they not thinking about the quality of what is coming in, then you are no longer running a profitable business. 3 Key PointsRichard explains the technology aspect of Wax and where is the tech coming to play, and how is he delivers Insurance on collectibles?Richard talks about the range of products that they have launched or will launch in future. The list included the collection management, model line insurance, lending, and then vaulting.Richard talks about appraisals, how that was going to work and how it changes the current experience.Tweetable Quotes"Collectibles are now seen as an alternative investment whereas in the past it was just kind of seen as a toy or a strange hobby or target demo has disposable income." - Richard Vinhais"The lending product was an experiment that we put into play last quarter, and we see this as a great way for individuals to kind of unlock value in the collectibles that they have." - Richard Vinhais"The amount of research we went into to find the correct vaulting partner was staggering, mainly because we want to make sure we're doing right by our clients, and we don't have to worry about it." - Richard VinhaisResources MentionedFacebook – Jason Pereira's FacebookLinkedIn – Jason Pereira's – Sponsor

Conquest Planning with Brad Joudrie and Ken Lotocki | E267

Ep. 267
Jason talks to Brad Joudrie and Ken Lotocki. Brad is the Chief Revenue Officer of Conquest, and Ken Lotocki, Chief Product. Today they are going to talk about the changes, growth and challenges that have occurred in the past 2.5 years. Episode Highlights1.16: Brad and Ken talk about conquest planning and its origin stories.02.24: Ken talks about the adoption of new technologies and innovation in Conquest Planning. 03:30: There's a lot of in every other profession out there in terms of innovation, whether it's medical profession or legal profession or so on, more and more tools are being built to help make it easier for that professional essentially to do their job and financial planning, specifically building that plan.05.02: Brad and Ken discuss about the challenges they faced and how they implemented processes that helped them to save lot of time and effort.06.14: Jason mentions how Sam built strategies such a way to help advisors work with their clients and understand exactly what's being recommended to them.09.35: It's an easy enough conversation to explain to a client that if you delay you get more money, says Brad.11.18: Brad explains how Sam has shaved hours off the process using automation. 19.02: Ken and Brad discuss about the work and the process of hiring people.21.58: Ken explains how they invest heavily in technology.25.10: Ken talks about their partners and how they are very happy with the stable of partners they have from a venture perspective.27.01: Brad and Ken talk about the next feature or next thing that they are going to do in the company.33.03: There has only been three companies Jason has known of that have ever sold financial planning software outside of their own jurisdiction effectively.45.52: We understand better how advisors and financial professionals are working with their clients today and then have conquest to be agile itself to work within their ecosystem, says Ken.48.16: Ken shares how they are in a different situation than they were when they first sat down.53.21: There are a lot of good advisors, a lot of great advisors out there just approach it.3 Key PointsBrad and Ken talk about the launching of Conquest Planning and how as the company grew it adopted cloud technologies and innovation. Brad and Ken talk about the business and how big the team was when they first started in the company.Brad explains how the company's scaling was almost as a B2B as opposed to an enterprise product.Tweetable Quotes"The club speed knows which club to hit knows the distance, the thing and but in the end it's the advisor." – Brad"You landed the single biggest enterprise contract last year that none of the competition probably heard of yet, so kudos I think that's a testament to just how differentiating you are in the product market." – Jason"We have kept our team reasonably lean, I would say on the distribution side of the House, and that has been fairly intentional." – Brad"I love what we do and I love the fact that everyone in our company is passionate like we were." - KenResources MentionedFacebook – Jason Pereira's FacebookLinkedIn – Jason Pereira's – Sponsor