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Overcoming Your Childhood Trauma #67

Ep. 67

"I'm Still Here" by Mike McBride #67

Mike is an infectious human being who shares his vulnerabilities and story to the world, to not only escape his own thoughts and release but to help other people. Mike has recognised through him sharing his story and finding his voice, post surviving child abuse. A sincere man, with a purpose to let people know they aren't alone and that there are ways of overcoming trauma as a child, or any abuse we may suffer.

He also discusses some incredible points around, intentional living and how this would enhance the happiness and fulfilment for all of us. Amongst this, we discuss the need to do the work on ourselves with specialists when trauma is the problem. The healing, the overcoming of shame and coming out the other side is necessary but it requires work. Real, hard work that sometimes we may want to avoid or shy away from. But only until we feel the wound can we heal the wound, as the great Robin Sharma quotes.

An absolute pleasure to have Mike on the show and I thank him for his transparency and words.

Key timestamps:

[05:00] Mike sharing his child abuse story through blogging

[08:25] Child abuse is NOT your fault.

[09:40] Why me?

[16:28] Living Intentionally

[22:22] Dissociating yourself from abuse

[28:45] Fun part of the show

[33:55] The Story of Dunkirk - "All we did was survive"

Key Quotes by Mike:

"We do the things we want to do, and don't do the things we don't want to do" [Intentional Living]

"It's not your fault' [On being abused]

'These people were going to hurt someone. They were broken, they were damaged and they were looking for someone to hurt...And I just happened to be in the space when it happened" [On being abused]

I urge you all to please follow Mike and support his amazing journey.

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How to move on after losing your spouse & finding happiness again

Ep. 124
"Live without regret" by Rammi JanackA story about living without regret, embracing lifes ups as well as lifes downs and finding happiness and embracing it.Rammi shares a rather taboo subject, across many cultures and parts of the world, but one which must warrant some attention in today's society. Suffering the loss of the love of her life, Rammi lost her partner to Cancer which completely disrupted her life. Having needing to navigate the dynamics of the relationship change, to understanding that she was experiencing loss, even before the loss came about, Rammi went on a journey that really forced her to grow through life.With many of us, finding happiness is not always achievable, but Rammi was given a second chance, when she then met her partner today, with whom they have a lovely family together with. A taboo scenario, often wrongly judged by people without real context, Rammi found the second love of her life. Happening quite soon after in terms of months, the truth is, there was a lot more to understand about Rammis transition from being a widow into her second family and this story will in so many ways, teach us to be grateful, happier, shift our perspectives and more importantly never judge others for wanting to be happy.I sincerely hope you get a chance to listen all the way through as this episode has helped me personally understand a lot about grief and i wish nothing but love and success to Rammi and her family today, and my thoughts and prayers go out to Ty, may god rest his soul.PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR NEW SPONSOR: to Rammi: to me:YouTube: https://www.arendeu.comInstagram:

5 Ways to Avoid Panic Attacks #123

Ep. 123
5 Ways to Avoid Panic AttacksPLEASE CHECK OUT OUR NEW SPONSOR: FROM SHOW:So for anyone listening in the UK we are now undergoing a second lockdown, one which I know will have adverse effects on peoples mental and physical wellbeing, but sadly we are unable to do change the situation we are in.Therefore, it is essential we all try to at least make the best of the situation and I sincerely hope you all come out of this lockdown, whenever that may be happier, more fulfilled and most importantly healthier too.Now of course that may seem a stretch, but I am certain we can use this time to reflect, heal or even just active with walks and runs to really allow ourselves to realign and focus for hopefully a nice Christmas or a much better 2021.But anyways, I thought I would do some solo episodes over this period for which I hope you will find value from.And todays episode will be around Panic Attacks.The term panic attack has been getting misused a LOT recently. People tend to use it loosely — but a panic attack is a very specific kind of experience. This is when you suddenly feel an overwhelming amount of stress. It may come from the mind, but it can cause intense physical reactions such as chills or hot flashes, nausea, numbness, shakes, dizziness or in the worst of cases, a temporary loss of consciousness.Full Video version: panic attacks can become a hindrance in your daily life. But there are ways to control them, too. Here are 5 ways To Prevent Panic Attacks:1. Deep breathsBreathing is the way our bodies get oxygen. When you’re starting to get anxious, one of the first things that happen is that your breathing gets irregular, shorter, even if you don’t realise it. This limits the amount of oxygen that makes it to your brain — triggering a stress response that can fling you into a panic attack.When you begin to feel anxious, the first thing you should do is do some breathing exercises. This is one that doesn’t require remembering anything, you just need to listen to your body,Breathe in slowly through your nose, until you take a full belly breath.Breathe out just as slowly through your mouth,You’ll feel tingles in your chest and ears, that’s the anxiety leaving with each breath.Repeat until you feel better (it can take a few minutes, keep at it, you’ll get there)2. Catch it early onIt’s easier to stop a panic attack at it’s earlier stages. If you’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for a while, chances are you know the early signs of one. These signs are different for everybody. Some experience an irregular heart rate as their first sign, some have trouble breathing, others experience dizziness that slowly gets worse until they pass out.If you can figure out where your panic attack begins, you can immediately jump into breathing exercises and calm yourself down before it gets to an actual panic attack. With time, you can learn how to avoid them before the first signs even show up!3. Close your eyesIf you’re in a very busy environment with too much going on, the stimulation from the environment can make your panic attack come on a lot faster. Since this is usually in public places you can’t exactly resort to someplace that feels safe like your bedroom, the next best thing is to close your eyes and take yourself “out” of the environment.Then, you’re only dealing with the noise, inside and outside of your head. Here, you revert back to simple breathing exercises, slowly relax your shoulder, unclench your hands and try to make your mind and body relax.Try to envision the anxiety travelling from your mind, down through your shoulder, making its way out of your body through your feet. This will stop a panic attack right in its tracks.4. Go to your happy placePanic attacks can be brought on by a lot of things. Often, it’s because you just have too many things in your mind. When you feel overwhelmed to the point that you can feel your thoughts getting jumbled up, try to get away from this “place” in your head.Think of a place that calms you, feels safe. This is different for everyone, it doesn’t have to be the thought of a beach or a vacation, it can be something as simple as your bedroom or your favourite corner of your home. Picture yourself being in this place. Then, breathe. You’ll start to calm down soon enough.5. H.A.L.THALT is an acronym for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. The feeling you get when you’re experiencing any one of these 4 things can amplify and cause your body to go into a panic. If you feel yourself suddenly going into a panic attack without anything triggering it, it can be helpful to ask yourself “Am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired?”And so with that, I hope these truly help you and more importantly do not hesitate to reach out IF you ever just need a soundboard, a chat or someone to listen to you.Thanks for tuning in.Joe Dispenza Book: on Perfectionism: on forgiveness: to buy:Buy Outwitting the Devil: Principles: How to stop worrying & start living: The 4 hour work week: Essentialism: Mindset by Carol Dweck the podcast: equipment recommended:Rodecaster Pro: podmic: NT-USB - DSCHX90 Digital- Powershot SX730 HS- EOS 4000D DSLR Cameraand EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 III Lens - D5300- BRIO 4K webcam- a6500 mirrorless- host (acast):Acast: to me:YouTube: https://www.arendeu.comInstagram:

Living with Aspergers & cerebral palsy - An unfiltered mind #122

Ep. 122
Telling people to choose themselves and be themselves in a world that often has our attention diverted whilst indirectly persuading us to conform, is tough. But for Daniel, he is blessed with an unfiltered mind to live life on his own terms. Well and truly, Daniel has found his own voice and also writes his only story every single day, without any concerns about the opinions of others.This conversation was also incredibly insightful due to Daniel, openly speaking about his lowered levels of empathy and the way he views and sees the world. His genuine happiness in how he lives for the days and moments is a gift for us all to take note off, regardless of whether it is down to him living with aspergers.A fascinating mind and one which hopefully helps give you all the perspective of life through someone elses eyes.PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR NEW SPONSOR: urge you to follow his journey and I thank you once more for tuning in:)Joe Dispenza Book: on Perfectionism: on forgiveness: to buy:Buy Outwitting the Devil: Principles: How to stop worrying & start living: The 4 hour work week: Essentialism: Mindset by Carol Dweck the podcast: equipment recommended:Rodecaster Pro: podmic: NT-USB - DSCHX90 Digital- Powershot SX730 HS- EOS 4000D DSLR Cameraand EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 III Lens - D5300- BRIO 4K webcam- a6500 mirrorless- host (acast):Acast: to me:YouTube: https://www.arendeu.comInstagram: to guest:Facebook: video to this will be out here soon: A channel I need to invest some time into, to share the visuals of such powerful stories.