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5 Ways to be Kind to Yourself, When You Feel Low #58

Ep. 58

"Do Not Feel Guilty, For Prioritising Your Mental & Physical Health" by Aren Deu #58

So having these funky days, where everything seems grim, gloomy and life seems a little bleurgh!

Motivation is low, excitement is non-existent and you just sit there thinking what the hell is going on in my head?

Why am I feeling this way?

Why have I suddenly started feeling bad, or low when yesterday was perfect?

Why have I suddenly started feeling low when I have so much to look forward too.

So what I did on this very spontaneous episode, was to speak about what I actually did on my last "funky" / "low" day. Because let's be honest we can all preach over and over what we should do. But saying and doing are the 2 completely different things. So for that reason, I have given a 100% transparent account of what I did on my last "funky" day!

Yes it could be better, but it could have been worse too. What I want this episode and previous episodes to show you, is that there is no blueprint for this. But there are many ways to mitigate the adverse effects and try and move the needle back to a happier you!

I hope you find this useful, and if you are ever feeling low please do reach out!

PS for those of you have listened to my podcasts for a while, you have seen some of these short fire episodes to give you tangible takeaways. If you are new however, please check out the episodes on Self Love & Self Awareness tips previously. These are Episode #52 & #54 which I believe will massively help you move forward in life, and maintain a more positive mental state.

5 Tips recommended in this Podcast:

  1. Make sure you take time out for you
  2. Treat yourself
  3. Know it will never lasts forever
  4. Be compassionate to yourself
  5. Speak to someone you love/trust

Thanks for listening

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The Spotlight Effect is ruining your chances of happiness

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The Spotlight effect - Thespotlight effectis the phenomenon in which people tend to believe they are being noticed more than they really are. Being that one is constantly in the center of one's own world, anaccurateevaluation of how much one is noticed by others is uncommon. The reason for the spotlight effect is the innate tendency to forget that although one is the center of one's own world, one is not the center of everyone else's. This tendency is especially prominent when one does something atypical.Show sponsor (Use Code FYV10 for 10% off): Dispenza Book: on Perfectionism: on forgiveness: to buy:Buy Outwitting the Devil: Principles: How to stop worrying & start living: The 4 hour work week: Essentialism: Mindset by Carol Dweck the podcast: equipment recommended:Rodecaster Pro: podmic: NT-USB - DSCHX90 Digital- Powershot SX730 HS- EOS 4000D DSLR Cameraand EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 III Lens - D5300- BRIO 4K webcam- a6500 mirrorless- host (acast):Acast: to me:YouTube: https://www.healthxcel.comInstagram: to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aaron do a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aaron do what's going on a run thank you so so much for tuning in to another episode of finding your voice my name is iron and as always I am the host of the show so today I just want a few minutes of your time just to speak about something that I think is really really important and something that I actually do not it was a natural name for it maybe you don't know either and I think hopefully at least I hope and my fingers are crossed that the end of the next few minutes you're gonna know something that will hopefully change the trajectory of at least twenty twenty one but definitely your life what I want to speak about is the spot light effect now this is a term that's used by social psychologists to refer to the tendency that we won't have to over estimate how much other people notice about us in other words yes we tend to think there was a spotlight on us at all times highlighted all of our mistakes and floors for the world to see now if you happens I eat %HESITATION you over thank then the spotlight effect definitely pays as part of your day and it certainly paid his paw throughout many years of my own life so I'm telling you this well for a few reasons actually the first is that how do I always believe that the spotlight if it was true for myself and that seven billion people in the world we're constantly looking at me wait for me to make mistakes wait for me to start a way for me to say the wrong way it's for example there probably would've got started or anything one thing I hope for well the past lists there's a current listeners and hopefully future listeners as well you may stumble across this episode is that my life really really start to change when I ignore the spotlight effect in fact I just put myself out there and I knew that of course there was a chance that I could get ridiculed there's a chance that somebody could point out a flaw in the way that I am but I also knew and I'm able to improve %HESITATION said you that I'm comfortable at least of tried and one of the things I think many of us often don't do is you don't try is that fear of failure is that fair of what if but I tell you nine if I had to start for your voice they met some of the most incredible I know I mean incredible people in the boat and the podcast hadn't gone global and we had enough thanks to all your reviews and support reach the charts and I would be the person I am today I would be on you cheap shooting videos how can people invest in property become financially free I would be public speaking actually doing quite well as well so it's incredible what happens when you truly put yourself out there what I will say is the spotlight effect may happen one day especially if you hone your craft you become really great at it but by that time you'll be used to it and the spotlight effect will be deserved because you would have put the wicked I love it like I suppose this podcast initially the goal of people hearing especially if they didn't like the way I sound it or they never enjoyed the interviews it scared me it almost paralyzed me from Stein but not yes the occasional imposter syndrome kicks in I'll be completely honest I'm comfortable now I have most certainly already achieved or the goals and dreams I want to put this podcast and I'm so so grateful for that that comes down to a lot of you support the show and this is why in twenty twenty one as a fucking got going again with the podcast I'm gonna try to keep everything the role as possible any mistakes any as any brain fog so I get where you're going to have them unless they just show you guys that the person on the other side of a Mike it's just a normal person to put all the things that I may be at least perceived to be good at trust me there are thousands I'm not great at it to be honest I'm gonna take a guess here and I think I might be right that this so many of you listening today you're more entertaining charismatic funny yeah the myself if you picked up a Mike you would be absolutely incredible or if you picked up a video is start recording you two videos you could be amazing in a few years time and I just hope that the spotlight if it doesn't harm you it is a hobby the person that you could become it doesn't stop me from doing the things that you can do and it really forces you to go out there and yes of course find your voice so that's what I wanted to say today I sincerely from the bottom of my heart I hope you have an incredible twenty twenty one hope is much closer to you than twenty twenty and I truly hope if there is that something in your heart and mind that you're thinking should I or shouldn't I I hope this episode is by you to go and do it so until next time thank you so much for listening and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

From witnessing his fathers murder to building his own legacy Sirtaj Rahman shares his incredible story

Ep. 126
PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR NEW SPONSOR! - Use Code FYV10 for 10% off"Never look back" By Sirtaj RahmanA husband, a father and a professional athlete who shines his bright across his followers with his humour, candour, empathy and transparency, Sirtaj Rahman is a someone out there building his own legacy. Riddled with adversity growing up through the loss of his father which he witnessed as a ten-year-old child. Using the lessons he had learnt from his father and mother who raised him and his family, Sirtaj spends each moment trying to live without regrets and ensure his legacy is one not only would his father have been proud of, but also one that will be spoken of for many years to come.I urge you all to follow his journey as he is growing in influence and I hope you all have the best year ahead! It feels great to be back!Links to me:YouTube: https://www.healthxcel.comInstagram: sponsor (Use Code FYV10 for 10% off): to Sirtaj:Instagram:

How to write your own story with Bhavik Patel

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Show sponsor (Use Code FYV10 for 10% off):"Thinking it real" By Bhavik PatelA fascinating conversation from someone who has now started to find his way in life, or should I say found his voice. Recognising he has always been, and still is in control of his own destiny Bhavik has made bold decisions across his life to pivot towards a life he truly wants. A life worth living and one he can be proud of, and I personally couldn't be happier to see him in such a happier place than he once was.Very honest in his ups and downs, Bhavik has hit the lows, to now completely having a different perspective and outcome on what it truly means to be living a fulfilled life and one that is successful in his own mind. I am so confident this will resonate with the majority of you listening today, because sometimes we have to truly sit with ourselves and understand what makes us tick and what we truly want to get out of this world.Please follow him in the links below and show your support and more importantly, start today to write your own story and live life on your own terms.Useful timestamps:03:00 Bhaviks 1st entrepreneurial start with £50014:25 Tips to start a business today 26:00 Entrepreneur life realities34:55 Broken part of his life47:50 Don't have an opinion about things58:40 Words of wisdom to a younger selfLinks to me:YouTube: https://www.healthxcel.comInstagram: sponsor (Use Code FYV10 for 10% off): to Bhavik:LinkedIN: