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Olga of Kiev: Sweet Revenge

Season 2, Ep. 24

For Olga of Kiev, life in early 945AD was good. She had a beautiful son, her beloved husband was out collecting tribute from the neighbours and pagan religion reigned.

Then those neighbours murdered her husband using a set of very bendy trees.

This was when Olga took the gloves off. And guys, she really never put them back on.

What came next was one of the most staggering revenge tours of all time. We’re talking weaponised pigeons, death by sauna and one very chaotic funeral.

In this episode, you’ll hear about how Olga rained terror down on those neighbours, how she became a Saint (yep) and even established one of the first tax systems.

So grab your death-birds, your earbuds and prepare for retribution.

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Dying to know more about Olga?

Don't joke about that. But here's where Lucy did her reading.,patron%20saint%20of%20the%20blind.&text=St.,-Lucy%20is%20the

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A Perfect Absolution album cover art by Gorod

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