Fierce Females of History


Elizabeth Báthory: Countess Dracula

Season 3, Ep. 43

Elizabeth Báthory: Countess Dracula

Yeah, you read that correctly.

This week's Fierce Female (or should we say, FEROCIOUS Female) liked to get her hands dirty... with human blood.

This week we tell the story of the Blood Countess herself, Elizabeth Báthory of Hungary. A powerful woman with a sadistic streak.

Our Liz Báthory has been named the most prolific female murderer in history, and let's just say her killings make living with the Lannister's seem like a walk in the park.

So come back in time with us to the 1500's to hear the horrifying true story of this sadistic, female killer.

WARNING: make sure you've had your lunch first!


**Just a warning, some episodes discuss sensitive or explicit content. Younger Fierce Females are advised!** 

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