Fierce Females of History


Anastasia Romanov: Journey to the past

Season 3, Ep. 44

Ever scared you’re the less hot sibling? 

We don’t have that problem, but we can sympathise because even though we’re stunning specimens, we do still have hearts. 

However, Anastasia Romanov, Russian princess, did. 

Poor dear was described as “less ethereal” than her sisters. 

But that didn’t stop her from going on to become one of the most famous conspiracies of all time. 

It’s the question that has haunted the world for more than one hundred years: did Princess Anastasia survive the Russian Revolution? 

In this episode, find out about Anastasia’s upbringing, why (the fictional) Dimitri is the sexiest animated character ever, and about the mysterious Anna Anderson who may or may have not been the princess herself. 

Until then, dasvidaniya. 

P.S. Brief content warning on this one, the Romanov family did not have a pretty end.

***Just a warning, some episodes discuss sensitive or explicit content. Younger Fierce Females are advised!***

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