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Freedom, Problems & Risk

Ep. 587

Daniel Carsenty, Mohammed Abugeth and Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new film The Devil’s Drivers, universal problems, hard to find solutions, the

legitimacy of others, the pursuit of freedom and some of the things we take for granted.




Chased by the army, a human trafficker crosses the border on a daily basis. An intimate yet harrowing portrait – shot over the course of eight years – about a man

living on the edge in one of the most dangerous regions of our world.

The film is an intimate and harrowing portrait of a group of smugglers risking everything on high-speed trips to help Palestinians workers cross the border into Israel

every day for work. Banned from obtaining legal work permits in Israel, and cut off from their lands, and water sources by the Israeli settlers, these men risk everything

to provide for their families.

An investigation into the human condition under the most difficult circumstances and an understanding of how to remain a decent human being in a world falling to pieces, the film underscores the harsh reality Palestinian’s face in day-to-day life.

About Daniel Carsenty:

Daniel Carsenty’s first film ‘After Spring Comes Fall’ won the award for Best Feature at the Zsigmong Vilmos Festival in Sziget, Hungary. In the following years he

worked for Arte and BBC as a TV journalist in the Middle East.

In 2020 he moved to Los Angeles as a directing fellow at the American Film Institute.

About Mohammed Abugeth:

Mohammed Abugeth worked as PA in Ramallah for Idioms Films, before working as a TV journalist for Arte and DW. The Devil’s Drivers is his first feature film. He

currently works and lives in Berlin.

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Politics, Power & Change

Ep. 588
Michelle Rempel Garner, Chloe Sosa-Sims and Face2Face host David Peck talk about the new film Hunting in Packs, idealism, political inertia, community, the calcification of beliefs, personal change, authenticity and why politics should be about the conversation.Find out more here.Synopsis:What happens when strong-willed women join the circus of politics? How do they create the change? Make the policy real? Achieve their dreams?The 3 female politicians in this film, Jess Phillips (Labour, UK) Pramila Jayapal (Democrat, US) & Michelle Rempel Garner (Conservative, Canada), represent differentends of the political spectrum, with different constituents and vastly different agendas. That said, they share one common fight – enacting bold policy in the face of anoutdated political establishment. Sometimes that fight pits them against their country’s leaders, and other times against their own political parties. Taking place in threeWestern countries, the film will explore three democracies currently being rocked by the deep polarization of party politics.Just as they all begin to make progress, they are thrown into elections and leadership campaigns, and are expected to shift gears for “the good” of their leaders orparties. As each woman’s portrait becomes fully realized, the viewer must decide whether our system allows for their success.About Chloe:Chloe Sosa-Sims is a Toronto-based director/ producer/ writer committed to documentary & stylized filmmaking. Her chilling and emotionally raw feature debut DANAND MARGOT illuminated the complicated truths of schizophrenia. The film has screened internationally, with special presentations at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and theHot Docs Bloor Cinema. She has participated in the UnionDocs Documentary Lab, RIDM Talent Lab, and the Reelworld E20 Program for her new film on women in politics.Her work spans independent documentary, television, branded content, and narrative shorts for CNN, VICE, CBC, History Channel, Super Channel, TVO, Investigation Discovery, Oxygen, and A&E.She takes on issues from politics to pop culture, and advocates for a more equal, fair and sustainable industry through her work with Film Fatales and othercommunity groups. Her previous work includes 5 years as the Industry Programmer at Hot Docs.She holds a BAH in Film & Media from Queen’s University.Image Copyright and Credit:Chloe Sosa-Sims & Fathom Film Group.F2F Music and Image Copyright:David PeckandFace2Face. Used with permission.For more information about David Peck’s podcasting, writing and public speaking please visithis site here.With thanks to Josh Snethlage andMixed Media Sound.

Disasters, Stories & Loss

Ep. 586
Carlos Francisco Manatad and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new film Whether the Weather, disaster films, grief, trauma and loss, style over story,spiritual fables, pushing back against the status quo and feeling secure and safe.Find out about the film and see the trailer here.Synopsis:In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, religious fanatics, desperados, criminals and fleeing animals are loose in the city. Miguel, an escaped prisoner, roams the ruins in search of the two women in his life : his girlfriend Andrea and his mother, Norma. As soon as he finds them, the reason for Miguel’s incarceration – and his sacrifice – becomes clear. He tries to convince them to leave the city with him before he is arrested.However, Norma is fixated on waiting for her estranged husband Luis and Andrea is entangled in rebellious acts paving the way for her to commit the unspeakable. As Miguel’s temporary release expires, his freedom and even his life are jeopardized.He must decide whether to stay on to persuade his loved ones or to leave town on his own before the next disastrous storm devours him and the only home he knows.About Carlos:Carlo Francisco Manatad was born in Tacloban in the Philippines and is currently based in Manila. Manatad has worked on over 60 feature films as an editor and had been working as an editor for nine years before he started directing.The film A Gentle Night, for which Manatad served as editor, won the Short Film Palme d'Or at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Meanwhile, Manatad's short film Jodilerks Dela Cruz, which originally was created as a treatment to show to producers and practice for a feature, was submitted and unexpectedly accepted to La Semaine de la Critique, a parallel sidebar section of Cannes which aims to discover new talented filmmakers. It also won the Best Southeast Asian Short Film award at the 2017 Singapore International Film Festival.Whether the Weather is Fine is his latest film.Image Copyright and Credit:Carlos Francisco Manatad.F2F Music and Image Copyright:David PeckandFace2Face. Used with permission.For more information about David Peck’s podcasting, writing and public speaking please visithis site here.With thanks to Josh Snethlage andMixed Media Sound.

Community, Context & Accountability

Ep. 585
Margaret Byrne and Face2Face host David Peck talk about her new film Any Given Day, context and community, safe places, honesty, vulnerability andaccountability, the ethics of film making and why it’s important to see ourselves as resources.Find out about the film and see the trailer here.Synopsis:In 2015, during widespread defunding of community mental health care programsacross the country, in Chicago, the Cook County Jail has become a defaulttreatment center for people living with mental illness.While investigating the treatment of detainees, filmmaker Margaret Byrne befriends Angela, Dimitar and Daniel, participants in a mental health court probationprogram. Their friendship gives each of them the courage to be seen at their most vulnerable. In turn, Margaret begins to confront one of the most difficult periods ofher life, culminating in a hospitalization for depression.What begins as a heartfelt desire to accurately portray the lives of Angela, Dimitar and Daniel, forces Margaret to reckon with her own history of mental illness.Margaret’s own hospitalization that occurs during the making of the film, becomes an inspiration to weave her own story into the film. Byrne’s intimate observations ofthe three, captures the hard-fought triumphs and struggles of living at the intersection of mental illness, poverty, and addiction.Any Given Dayprovides deeply personal insight into the necessity of caring relationships, especially when life is at its most difficult.About Margaret:Margaret Byrne directed and producedRaising Bertie a feature documentary following the lives of three African American boys growing up in rural North Carolina.She has worked as a cinematographer on over a dozen films includingSurge, Waging Change,All the Queen’s Horses, andAmerican Promise.She was previously a creative director at Universal Music and directed live concerts and music videos for artists such as Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige. In 2005, Byrneproduced and edited the live series that launched MTV across Africa. Byrne is an adjunct professor at Columbia College and College of DuPage.She is the founder of Beti Films, an all-women film collective based in Chicago.Image Copyright and Credit:Margaret Byrne and Beti Films.F2F Music and Image Copyright:David PeckandFace2Face. Used with permission.For more information about David Peck’s podcasting, writing and public speaking please visithis site here.With thanks to Josh Snethlage andMixed Media Sound.