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WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part VI w/ Edmund Berger & Recluse

Season 2

Project Hammer, private military companies, private intelligence companies, Far West Ltd., Africa, plots to destabilize Africa, Apartheid South Africa, Eugene de Cocke, death squads, Civilian Cooperation Bureau (CCB), the Wonga Coup, Equatorial Guinea, Frederick Forsyth, Dogs of War, Spain, UK, People's Republic of China, Spanish/British/Chinese/South African support for coup, Executive Outcomes, Simon Mann, Tony Buckingham, Angola, Ely Calil, 2004 Madrid bombings, 2004 Spanish election, 2004 US election, Wonga's influence on 2004 Western elections, Eeben Barlow, Mark Thatcher, Sean Clearly, Strategic Concepts, World Economic Forum, Halliburton, Diligence LLC, Aegeis International, Erinys international, Tim Spicer, Viktor Karpukhin, KGB, Alpha forces, Defense Services Limited, Alistair Morrison, Kroll, Military Technical Services, Tai Minnaar, chemical and biological weapons, CBWs, Project Coast, South African PMCs smuggling CBWs, anthrax, role anthrax played in run up to and immediate aftermath of 9/11, Larry Ford, Steve Hatfill, Science Applications International Corporation, SAIC, Robert Gates, Meteoric Tactical Solutions, Lafras Luitingh, Saracen International, Erik Prince, Viktor Bout, Germany, Frankfurt, Bridge International, nuclear smuggling, Ukraine, Hoover Institute, Stanford, Peter Thiel, Palantir, "The Odessa Network," Center for Advanced Defense Studies (C4ADS), Putin, Sergey Kurginyan, Dick Cheney, Rosvooruzhenie, Ukrspetsexport, Igor Urbansky, Kaalbye Shipping, Iran, nukes smuggled to Iran & China, Sudan, Darfur, arms trafficking, Somalia, Somalian pirates, collaboration between Far West network & South Africa PMCs in Gulf of Aden, Project Hammer as funding for off-the-books nuclear/CBW program

C4ADS report on Far West nuke smuggling:


"Secret History of International Fascism Part V":

This social has a lot of compelling information directly related to this topic. Strongly recommended as a primer.

Music by: Keith Allen Dennis

Additional Music by: J Money Bag$

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    ar West Ltd., World Anti-Communist League (WACL). private military companies (PMCs), private intelligence companies (PICs), Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists -Bandera faction (OUN-B), Banderites, Stephan Banderas, Banderite links to Far West, Banderite infiltration of Ukraine's government, Mykola Lebed, Prolog Research Corporation, Roman Kupchinsky, Oleksandr Skipalskyi, Vladimir Filin, GUR (Ukraine's military intelligence), SBU (Ukraine's CIA), Orange Revolution, Viktor Yushchenko, Kateryna Yushchenko, Lev Dobriasnky, Roman Zvarych, 2008 Russo-Georgian War, John McCain, Barack Obama, 2008 US presidential election, Far West's links to both candidates in 2008 US election, Joe Biden, Robert Gates, Wagner Group, Euromaiden, Paul Manafort, Angola, UNITA, Jonas Savimbi, Executive Outcomes, southern Africa in Reagan-Bush years, Manafort's role in Africa, Oleg Deripaska, Manafort's role in Ukraine, Polina Yumasheva, Tayana Yumasheva, Boris Yeltsin, the Yeltsin "Family," Dmitry Firtash, Viktor Yanukovych, Rosukrenergo, Yulia Tymoshenko, Semyon Mogilevich, Robert Maxwell, Svoboda party, Chechnyan Wars, Abkhazia region of Georgia, Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland, Mikheil Saavashvili, David J. Kramer, Project for a New American Century, Paula Dobriansky, Randy Scheunemann, Christopher Steele, Steele dossier, Kramer's role in leaking Steele dossier, Russiagate, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Fiona Hill, Fritz Ermarth, Al Gore, Al Gore's Russiangate (1999) and Far West's role, Burisma, PrivatGroup, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, Oleksandr Turchynov, Petro Poroshenko, Kaalbye Group, Zelensky, Cofer Black, Erik Prince, Blackwater, Hunter Biden, Arkady Babchenko, Vyacheslav Pivovarnik, Vladislav Surkov, false flag, Yevgeny Prigozhin, Wagner "coup," Obama's détente with Russia sabotaged, Trump's set-upMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Chay & the Hostages
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    Sound of Freedom, Timothy Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, Bo Gritz, Rambo, Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, Paul Hutchinson, Sean Reyes, Fox, Disney, Sound of Freedom's delayed release, 2020 elections, 2024 elections, Donald Trump, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, Earl Buchanan, human trafficking, pedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) allegations, Sovereign Military Order Temple of Jerusalem, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Knights of Malta, Sovereign Order of Saint John, faux chivalric orders, Russian line of succession, Shickshinny Knights of Malta, Gladio, Phoenix, Raymond Magsaysay, David Leavitt, Kingston family, fundamentalist Mormonism, Canon Films, LeBaronism, LeBaron family, pedophilia and incest in fundamentalist Mormon sects, NXIVM, Keith Raniere, Teal Swan, Barbara Snow, David Lee Hamblin, Mitt Romney, Romney family, Bush family, SRA claims in Utah, 2024 Republican primaryThe American Crime Journal articles on OUR: Packer's recent work on Ballard: more on PATCON and the Sovereign Order of Saint John: Special Forces Group & COG:On page 5 of document from July 1991, it is written: "The 20th Special Forces PSA Group is alleged to be a National Guard Special Forces Group. In actuality it is a specialized group that has been trained behind the line operations in case of nuclear attack. The group was part of Operation Backpack and Operation Quail Shooter. Both of which may still be active operations. The 20th Group in actuality is the legal mercenary force of the military which operates with Task Force 160, also known as Night Stalker, out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky."Documents Available Here: more on the links between the 19th Special Forces Group & fundamentalist Mormon paramilitaries, see: by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Chay & the Hostages
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    Mae Brussell, the Magnin family, Edgar Magnin, Reformed Judaism, the influence of Judaism on Mae Brussell, Mae's background prior to the JFK assassination, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, JFK assassination, Warren Commission, Charles Manson, Northern California in the late 1960s/early 1970s, Zodiac killer, SLA, Jim Jones, People's Temple, Zebra murders, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Chicago Seven, The Big Lebowski, Tom Hayden, Paul Krassner, Addie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Yippies, Robert Anton Wilson, Discordianism, Forteanism, Fortean Society, Charles Winans, Rolling Stone lawsuit, Texas psychedelic scene, Texas scene brought to California, The Realist, Dick Gregory, Larry Flynt, pornography, Mae Brussell as Jewish scholar, the death of Mae Brussell's daughter, false rumors online about the death of her daughter, what became of Mae's documents, the Mae Brussell Research Library, Colonel Michael Aquino, Mae and Mae's family relationship to Michael Aquino Additional information on donating and contributing to the Library can be found here:The Mae Brussell Research Library The Realist Archives: by: Keith Allen Dennis
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    "Full Circle," HBO Max, Ed Solomon, Steven Soderbergh, Guyana, the circle in metaphysics, magick circles, high vs folk magick, Obeah, Obeah in Guyana, Guyana's bizarre history, British Empire, Sir Walter Raleigh, Roanoke, Shakespeare, Elizabethan England, Salem, Guyana's possible connection to the Salem witch trails, magick and occultism in colonial America, CIA involvement in Guyana, the 1963 coup, Jim Jones, People's Temple, San Francisco in the 1960s/1970s, Patty Hearst, SLA, MK-ULTRA, Zebra murders, Symbionese Liberation Army, Black Panthers, Vacaville Prison, Leo Ryan, Leo Ryan's assassination in Guyana, counterinsurgency, predictive modeling, pacification being run in San Francisco/Oakland, "Bill and Ted" movies, the uncanny, the weird, HP Lovecraft, all art as uncanny, synchromysticism in art and "Full Curcle"Music by: Keith Allen Dennis