The Farm Podcast Mach II

  • The Hoffa Mysteries II w/ Steve Kopesky & Recluse

    Jimmy Hoffa, Robert F. Kennedy, "Get Hoffa Squad," Edward Grady Partin, drug trafficking, sex trafficking in the Gulf States, Carlos Marcello, Santo Trafficante, Pennsylvania mob, organized crime, the Syndicate, RFK's aggressive Justice Department, Bay of Pigs, Hoffa's links to the Bay of Pigs, Teamsters fund, the CIA's relationship with organized crime, CIA plots to assassinate Castro with the mob, the Church Committee, Dan Moldea, organized crime in politics, Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Syndicate's role in drug trafficking, the legacy of state-sanctioned drug trafficking, the 60's assassinations, was their actually a conspiracy in RFK's assassination? Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Double Veteran
  • Pulp Fiction, Velvet Revolutions & QAnon w/ Robert Guffey & Recluse

    QAnon, The Leech Woman, The Unearthly, The Shadow, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Q as a culture vulture, Donald Trump, Q's role the Republican nomination for Speaker of the House, Georgia Guidestones, the destruction of the Guidestones, Guidestones as psychological warfare, January 6, Q's role in Jan 6, John Shirley, Jan 6 as a color revolution, Q in Ufology, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Michael Flynn, Christopher Mellon, Q's presence in the military and law enforcement, Skinwalker Ranch, Oath Keepers, Chris Marx, deep fake technology, AI, gang stalking, non--lethal weaponsMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • Mormon Stories II: The Big Picture

    Mormonism, early history of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, polygamy, Utah, blood atonement, blood oath, fundamentalist Mormonism, FLDS, LeBarons, Kingstons, ritual abuse in Utah, trafficking, Jay's Journal, Beatrice Sparks, Provo Canyon school, Paris Hilton, Ogden, Ogden's role in film industry, Ogden's connection to the LeBarons, Zion Society cult, documented instances of ritual abuse, David Lee Hamlin, Lee family, Mountain Meadows Massacre, Leavitt family, historic connections between the Lees and Leavitts, Timothy Ballard, Ukraine, Russell Ballard, false memories, Lee Hamlin referred patients by LDS, the LDS Church of Satan, the links between these groups, the framing of the narrative, Teal Swan, Mormon Stories podcast, John Dehlin, the fraudulent anti-cult movementFor Elizabeth's sources: by: Keith Allen Dennis Music: Stone Breath:
  • Mormon Stories I: Teal Swan w/ Elizabeth Russell & Recluse

    Teal Swan, Swan's rise, Teal's proclaimed supernatural powers, Teal's ability to hypnotize people, borderline personality disorder, Teal as borderline, QAnon, Teal's connections to Q, The Deep End, the problems with The Deep End, Teal's role in funding The Deep End, Teal's childhood, Girl Interrupted, Satanic ritual abuse, sex trafficking, Teal's claims of being ritually abused & trafficked, psychological techniques used by Teal, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), NLP in cults, false memories, False Memory Syndrome Foundation, the use of false memories by security services, Barbara Snow, Snow as Teal's therapist, Satanic panic in Utah, Snow's role in the Satanic panic, Snow's family, Mormon Stories podcast, John Dehlin, Dehlin's possible links to Snow, Snow's background scrubbed online, Snow's most famous client, Martha Beck, Oprah, Beck as Oprah's life coach, Hugh NibleyFor Elizabeth's sources: by: Keith Allen Dennis Music: Stone Breath:
  • The Hoffa Mysteries w/ Steve Kopesky & Recluse

    Jimmy Hoffa, Detroit, labor unions, Teamsters, Syndicate, New Orleans mafia. the Five Families, the Chicago Outfit, the Detroit Partnership, Frank Costello, Krogers, labor violence, mafia infiltration of labor movement, Kennedy family, JFK, RFK, Joseph P Kennedy, Joseph P in Hollywood, JFK assassination, RFK assassination, "Get Hoffa," Richard Nixon, Hoffa's role in drug trafficking, 1948 Italian elections, Gladio, the forces behind Hoffa's disappearance, Frank Sheeran, Russell Bufalino, Atlantic City, Pennsylvania mafia, "The irishman", why Hoffa still matters, Marilyn Monroe, conspiracy theories about Monroe/Kennedys & Monroe's death, Jack Clemmons, Frank Capell, Sovereign Order of Saint JohnMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • Mystery Catalina, 26 Miles Across the Sea w/ Jim Watson, David H. Altman & Recluse

    Catalina Island, Catalina's prehistory, Tongva people, Catalina as indigenous holy site, Catalina's "Stonehenge," Catalina's giant skeletons, Holy Earth Society, Catalina as a portal into the hollow earth, did Catalina have mounds?, mining, quartz, Catalina's Great White Sharks, Thomas Harper Ince, Ince's mysterious death, William Randolph Hearst, Catalina's role in the early film industry, the Tuna Club of Avalon, hauntings at the Tuna Club's clubhouse, the Wrigley family, Toyon Bay Séance, Catalina's mysterious "Green Door," the Green Door appearing after the séance, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the OSS' role on Catalina, did the OSS do remote viewing experiments, the CIA's "China Cowboys" and their links to Catalina, Thomas Townsend Brown, free energy, NICAP, radar counter measures, the Radio Research Laboratory, nonlethal weapons, the Philadelphia Experiment, Frederick Terman, was Brown using Catalina for experiments, Catalina as a window area, OceanGate, the Titan implosion, Catalina's links to OceanGate, the Miami mall incident, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and aliens Music by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • The Wonderful and Frightening World of Dario Argento Part II w/ Doc Inferno & Recluse

    Daria Argento, giallo, serial killers, Cat o' Nine Tales, Four Files of Grey Velvet, Deep Red, Tenebrae, breaking the third wall, blurring lines between reality and fiction, Cat in the Brain, Lucio Fulci, 8 1/2, Fellini, the appearance of parapsychology in Argento's movies, remote viewing, Phenomena, Monkey Shines, Opera, Macbeth, serial killer grooming, the Three Mothers trilogy, alchemy, Theosophy, Blavatsky, Elizabeth Bathory, Order of the Dragon, Argento's occult interests, occulted Switzerland/Germany, Europe's "Magic Circle," witches, Suspiria, Inferno, New York City, the Magical Childe, Ghostbusters influenced by Inferno, Varelli as Fulcanelli, the mythos of Fulcanelli, Jacques Berger, Morning of the Magicians, occulted architects, The Mother of Tears, Asia Argento, Dario's influence on American directors, Brian DePalma, David Lynch, Ari AsterMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: J Money
  • The Wonderful and Frightening World of Dario Argento Part I w/ Doc Inferno & Recluse

    Dario Argento, giallo, horror, slasher films, difference between Italian giallo & American slashers, origins of giallo, crime fiction, film noir, murder mysteries, what defines giallo, Mario Bava, Scream franchise as American attempt at giallo, Alfred Hitchcock, the presence of serial killers in film before the concept was conceived, Strangers on a Train, Patricia Highsmith, the Ripley series, Italy's Years of Lead, the Monster of Florence, other Italian serial killers, Gladio and the links to serial killers, Dario Argento's background, spaghetti westerns, the Goblins, George Romero, Argento's use of color & space, how Argento is different from other giallo directors, locations used by Argento Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: J Money
  • Full Metal Jacket & the Cult of the USMC w/ Vincent Treewell & Recluse

    Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick, United States Marine Corps (USMC), basic training, indoctrination, brainwashing, pop culture in Vietnam, The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle USMC, Batman & Robin, R. Lee Emery, how R. Lee Emery got his part, Kubrick's recreation of Vietnam in the UK, Carl Jung, the "Duality of Man," Kyros, Mannerbund, basic training as a modern form of initiation, warrior cults, Marines as killers and not robots, urban combat, parallels to Full Metal Jacket and post-Cold War US military engagements, JFK assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Whitman, the breakdown of the chain of command, First Blood, Rambo, Platoon, Kubrick's views on violence in entertainment, A Clockwork Orange, Kubrick's criticism of cartoons, cartoons as indoctrination, cartoons in Full Metal Jacket, pop culture as a form of indoctrination, Is Full Metal Jacket an anti-war movie, Full Metal Jackets cult following in the USMC, the USMC as a cult, the Joker character as a stand-in for Daniel Ellsberg, co-opting the anti-war movementMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: The Octopus