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World Anti-Communist League Pt.1 | The Farm | Steven Snider with Moss Robeson

The beginning of The Farm's famed exploration of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL). Here, I'm joined by Moss Robeson. 

Original tags: World Anti-Communist League, WACL, Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, ABN, Ukraine, OUN-B, Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, Yaroslav Stetsko, Stepan Bandera, CIA, MI6, Gehlen Org, BND, Nazis, Spas T. Raikin, Otto Skorzeny, Alfred Rosenberg, HUAC, stay-behind operations, KGB, assassinations

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  • Exploring the Clinton Crime Family w/ Jeremy Kuzmarov & Recluse

    Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Clinton spying on anti-war activists, CIA, John Birch Society, George McGovern, Cort Meyer, Dan Lasater, Mena, the Bluegrass Conspiracy, drug trafficking, the Bush family, Yugoslavia, Balkans conflict, Serbia, Croatia, color revolution, private military companies (PMCs), DynCorp, Military Professional Resources Inc., Plan Columbia, sex trafficking, Clinton's policies in Middle East as catalyst for War on Terror, Iraq, Clinton's Iraq policy, Clinton's approach to Russia, Clinton and Cold War 2.0, Clinton as "new breed" of Democratic politician, the left's infatuation with Bill ClintonJeremy's Clinton book: by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • Captain Moroni, Timothy Ballard & the End of Days Part II w/ Dr. Future & Recluse

    Timothy Ballard, Mormonism, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Freemasonry, Society of Cincinnati, SPEAR Fund, Liberty and Light Foundation, shell companies, fundamentalist Mormonism, Elizabeth Smart, "Lost Boys," Utah as hub of human trafficking, David Lee Hamblin, David Leavitt, Mike Leavitt, Mitt Romney, 2024 elections in Utah, Sean Reyes, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Satanic panic, actual SRA in Utah, M. Russell Ballard, Ballard's recent death, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Quorum's links to Ballard, Captain Moroni, George Washington, Title of Liberty, Liberty 89, Washington as Captain Moroni, Washington as Enoch, ketamine therapy, Ballard's visions on ketamineMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • Captain Moroni, Timothy Ballard & the End of Days Part I w/ Dr. Future & Recluse

    Timothy Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), Mormonism, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, Paul Hutchinson, Sound of Freedom, Ballard's embellished background, lawsuit launched against Ballard, tantric massages, Brazilian wax, the role of Mormonism in the 21st century, Mormon infiltration of Christian churches, Nazarene Fund, Glen Beck, M. Russell Ballard, George Washington, deification of Washington, Captain Moroni, Washington as Captain Moroni, the angel Moroni and Valley Forge, Desert Book, Desert Book as arm of Mormon church, Desert Book disavowing Ballard, Kingston clan, Desert Tech, Mormonism and prepping, Mormonism and the apocalypse Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Stone Breath
  • LA Noir: Punks, National Lampoons & the Murder of Peter Ivers w/ Recluse

    Peter Ivers, the murder of Peter Ivers, New Wave Theatre, David McGowan, Laurel Canyon, Harvard, Signet Society, Douglas Kenney, Lucy Fisher, Tim Hunter, David Lynch, Eraserhead, American Film Institute, National Lampoon's, Caddyshack, Animal House, Terminal Love, Francis Ford Coppola, Zoetrope, Cotton Club murders, Stanley Kubrick, Wonderland gang, Ron Launius, David Lind, Manson family, Aryan Brotherhood, Wonderland murders, John Holmes, Eddie Nash, Ivers' possible involvement in drug trafficking, Peter Rafelson, Bob Rafelson, Bert Schneider, Esalen, Yippies, John Belushi, John Belushi's overdose, Doug Kenney's suicide, Harold Ramis, David Jove, occult, Scientology, Aleister Crowley, Process Church, Ufology, William Milton Cooper, Rolling Stones, Redlands drug bust, Jove as the Acid King, Jove as spy/police informant, Lotus Weinstock, Paul Krassner, "The Cave," MTV, MTV as derivative/watered down version of New Wave Theatre, "The Top," Michael Dare, Ivers/Jove/New Wave Theatre as influence on Ghostbusters/Repo Man, LA punk scene as opMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • Headlessness, Audrey Hale and the Twin Peaks Reality w/ Bobby Hale & Recluse

    Listening Post Alpha, channeled communications, the headless rite, headlessness, Aleister Crowley, Thelema, opening of the mouth ceremony, Ancient Egypt, theurgy, Twin Peaks, Feast of Fools, Major Briggs, seven year egg and palm ceremony, Friday the 13th, 1989 and 2023 similarities, 2016, Serpent Mound, St. Stephen, St, Stephen's Mystery bones, Audrey Hale, the continual suppress of Hale's manifesto, twilight language in the Audrey Hale killings, Kingsport, Tennessee, Stephen Williams, serial killer, Piper Laurie, Piper Laurie's death, time travel in Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks Season 3 as hyperstition, Twin Peaks bleeding into real world, The ShiningMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Stone Breath/Timothy Renner
  • Horror Hosts, Films & Other Strange Realities w/ David Metcalfe, Conspirinormal & Recluse

    Horror hosts, Vaudeville, penny dreadfuls, Maila Nurmi, Vampira, radio dramas, pulp fiction, EG Comics, Tales From the Crypt, early genre anthology shows, Joe Bob Briggs, Mystery Science Theater 3000, USA Network, development of modern horror movie from Gothic fiction to slashers, Psycho, horror in suburbia, horror movies, The Exorcist, People Under the Stairs, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Last House on the Left, Prince od Darkness, Larry Cohen, God Told Me To, Strange Realities 2023, Strange Realities preview Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Stone Breath/ Timothy Renner
  • Friday the 13th and the John Carpenter Mysteries w/ Robert W. Sullivan IV & Recluse

    horror movies, "Friday the 13th" franchise, Sean Cunningham, Knights Templar & the origins of Friday the 13th as unlucky, Jason, Jason and the Argonauts, stellar/lunar symbolism in first "Friday" film, Hekate, Diana, Artemis, the Threefold Goddess, dogs, Sirius, the moon in the "Friday the 13th" franchise, crossroads, Tarot, the Moon Tarot card, snakes, decapitation in early "Friday" movies, John Carpenter, "Halloween," Freudian sexual aspects of "Halloween," witchcraft in first "Halloween" and franchise, parallels between "Halloween" and "Psycho," "Halloween III," Debra Hill, "Big Trouble in Little China," "Escape from New York," the Two Towers in "Escape from New York," "Escape From New York" and 9/11, Gnosticism in John Carpenter's movies, "They Live," Carpenter's "Apocalypse trilogy," "Prince of Darkness," the use of quantum physics and time travel in "Prince," tachyons in "Prince," tachyons possibly responsible for future events appearing in filmsMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis
  • The Getty Family & The Evil Within w/ Clay Vandiver, J Frezzato & Recluse

    The Evil Within, theurgy, theurgy in the ancient world, theurgy among the Harran Sabians, theurgy and Venice, theurgy post-Renaissance, talking statues, talking heads, the Getty family, J. Paul Getty, the Gettys in London, Getty links to the Profumo scandal, Thomas Corbally, Stephen Ward, elite sex rings, David Berkowitz, Long Island, the Hamptons, Andrew Getty, Andrew Getty's death, the decade plus production of The Evil Within, House on the Rock, references to House on the Rock in The Evil Within, geomancy, elite manors as temples, The Evil Within and basements, basements in LA, allusions to tunnels under LA?, Lookout Mountain, Stanley Kubrick, The Shining, "skin-face," "Wilson," Castaway, doubling in The Evil Within, alternate personalities, occult initiation in The Evil Within, The Evil Within as a depiction of possession, how The Evil Within toys with standard horror tropes, animatronics in The Evil Within, Andrew Getty's obsession with animatronics, amusement parks, Disney World, animatronics as a vehicle to be inhabited by an intelligence Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: The Octopus
  • Inside the Black Legion w/ Lester & Recluse

    Black Legion, Michigan, Ohio, Ku Klux Klan, political importance importance of Ohio in late 19th/early 20th century America, size and organization of the Black Legion, Appalachia, southern connections, Tammany Society, Improved Order of Red Men, Pinkerton National Detective Agency, private detective agencies in union busting, paramilitaries in Pennsylvania, fraternal orders in US, golden age of fraternal orders, shift from detective agencies to fraternal orders for union busting, major figures in the Black Legion, the Black Legion connections to the Detroit Lions, William J. Cameron, Christian Identity theology, British Israelism, Harry Bennett, Henry Ford, Ford's possible ties to the Legion, murders and crimes linked to the Black Legion, FBI, FBI's attitude towards the Legion, Malcom X, Malcom X's father possibly murdered by the Black Legion, the Black Legion's end, the possibility the Legion continued into the 1980s, La Cagoule, possible Legion links to the Cagoulards, Propaganda Due, P2, US Route 23 Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: J Money