The Farm Podcast Mach II

Explore culture, parapolitics and high weirdness with Recluse, the longtime curator of the legendary VISUP blog ( After cutting his teeth in the synchro-mystical movement, Recluse developed a novel approach to parapolitics that emphasizes both hard research with a reluctant acceptance of Fortean (and Saturnine) currents. He is also the author of Strange Tales of the Parapolitical: Postwar Nazis, Mercenaries, and Other Secret History (along with Frank Zero, the original host of The Farm) and A Special Relationship: Trump, Epstein, and the Secret History of the Anglo-American Establishment Book I. He has a forthcoming work, due in 2022, dealing with the history of Discordianism, state-sanctioned behavioral moficification programs, and conspiracy theories. The Farm podcast produces highly quality, in-depth, weekly shows in the long form. Free, public shows are posted here every Monday while patrons to get two additional, exclusive shows on the 1st and 16th of each month.