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Ep 06 Stuart Mills and The Noisy Brain

Ep. 6

This week in the UK it's Mental Health Awareness Week and I am joined by Stuart Mills, creator and manager of the Noisy Brain.

The Noisy Brain is a rapidly growing Online community for those with mental health issues wishing to find a form of expression and an outlet for their feelings through writing. The community then invites musician to create songs/soundscapes and musical/lyrical collaborations with those writings, some of which remain anonymous.

This is a wonderful space with so much potential for both creativity and healing and I was immediately drawn to the Noisy Brain when I stumbled upon it whilst scrolling on Instagram. Stuart is incredibly passionate about raising the profile of mental health issues and it is frustrating that there is still negativity around this important issue.

I know through my own experiences how powerful music and song can be in transcending the troughs of poor mental health and I hope that you will want to know more about The Noisy Brain and ultimayely help spread this important piece of mental health infrastructure.

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Ep 11 Rachael Perrin and Soundcastle

Ep. 11
This week I am talking with Rachael Perrin from Soundcastle. Soundcastle are an amazing community music organisation, running sustained programs in community spaces, some of which are very discreet and 'Hidden'. Rachael describes this so well for us. Musical Beacons is a program for vulnerable families, often young women with children escaping from abusive situations. People's Music is a program all about adult mental health recovery. Soundcastle's work is often in gaps in current provision and is all about mental health and wellbeing.We discuss the challenges of attracting funding when much of your work, by its very nature, must remain invisible.Rachael tells us about The Soundcastle Community, an online space for community musicians to connect with other but also offering extensive training programs. Rachael describes this as a kind of online Arts centre.Soundcastle also work in sector development, consulting on inclusive practice and lots of training provision, including Mental Health First Aid.It was great to hear about Rachael's own journey into community music and her passion for the work.I was so impressed by our conversation and I raise a glass to Soundcastle's commitment to transparency in all that they do. Happily sharing their business model and all that they have gone through to get to where they are now. True community spirit.Soundcastle websiteThe Soundcastle CommunitySoundcasle LinkedIn All other social media use @SoundcastleTeamEternal GuitarsMy Links