Destination Zero: Realising a Low-Carbon Future

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  • 6. Episode 6: Where next? The road to 2050

    In this final episode of the series, James looks back on what we’ve heard over the previous five episodes and assesses the potential to move forward towards net zero. We hear directly from the Government’s advisory body, the UK’s Climate Change Committee (CCC), about what the UK needs to do to deliver on its ambitious climate goals. James also hosts a roundtable discussion with those involved in developing the policy, regulatory environment and transition business models to make net zero by 2050 a reality. James Murray is joined by Chris Stark from CCC, Mercedes Maroto-Valer from Industrial Decarbonisation Research Innovation Centre, Will Lochhead from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Will Joyce from UKRI. 

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  • 5. Episode 5: Hydrogen - a solution to net zero?

    From grey to blue to green, there seems to be a rainbow of colours of the world’s most abundant element that can seem confusing. In this episode, host James Murray seeks to demystify the role that hydrogen can play in decarbonising activities across multiple sectors and around the world. James speaks to experts at the forefront of hydrogen technology, as well as those involved in developing the research and right policy to help ensure the UK realises the full potential of hydrogen.  Host James Murray is joined by Dan Sadler and Henrik Andersen from Equinor, Dr Jamie Speirs from Imperial College London and Oonagh O’Grady from SSE Thermal. 
  • 4. Episode 4: CCUS - A solution to net zero?

    Providing a deep-dive into Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), James Murray speaks to those at the forefront of developing this technology to decarbonise heavy industries such as power, steel, chemicals and cement production. James talks to CCUS experts, the CEO of the CCSA and the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on CCUS about how the technology works and its role in helping the UK achieve net zero.  James Murray is joined by Torbjørg Fossum and Dr Peter McFadzean from Equinor, Ruth Herbert from the CCSA and Alex Cunningham MP, the Chair of CCUS APPG. 
  • 3. Episode 3: Fostering the low-carbon workforce of the future

    At the heart of the energy transition is a dedicated and highly skilled workforce. James speaks to those involved in fostering the next generation of workers who will play a vital role in helping the UK achieve net zero. From a local primary school to PhD students at the University of Hull / Aura, James hears how industry can better engage with young people, improve gender diversity within the workforce and both attract and retain skilled talent in the North East of England. James Murray is joined by Ben Morgan from AMRC, Liam Johnson from Inmans Primary School, Sarah Bee, Victoria Bessonova and Louise Smith from the University of Hull / Aura, and Kirsty Clode from Women in Manufacturing and Engineering (WiME). 
  • 2. Episode 2: Transforming the Humber, the UK's Most Carbon-Intensive Region

    In the second episode of Destination Zero, we take a deeper dive into the H2H Saltend project and its vital role within the East Coast Cluster. We hear from those at Equinor actually involved in delivering the project, as well as local residents and the government officials and policymakers involved in making the project a reality. 
  • 1. Episode 1: Pioneering the UK’s first net zero region

    In this episode of Destination Zero, we hear from some of the companies working on the front line to deploy the low carbon technologies that will enable us to meet our climate ambitions by 2050. Host James Murray is joined by SSE Thermal's Oonagh O'Grady, National Grid's Cordi O'Hara, the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce's Dr Ian Kelly, and Equinor's Dan Sadler to discuss the Zero Carbon Humber vision, the importance of industry collaboration, and the project's significance within the UK's journey to net zero.