Destination Zero: Realising a Low-Carbon Future


Episode 3: Fostering the low-carbon workforce of the future

Season 1, Ep. 3

At the heart of the energy transition is a dedicated and highly skilled workforce. James speaks to those involved in fostering the next generation of workers who will play a vital role in helping the UK achieve net zero. From a local primary school to PhD students at the University of Hull / Aura, James hears how industry can better engage with young people, improve gender diversity within the workforce and both attract and retain skilled talent in the North East of England.


James Murray is joined by Ben Morgan from AMRC, Liam Johnson from Inmans Primary School, Sarah Bee, Victoria Bessonova and Louise Smith from the University of Hull / Aura, and Kirsty Clode from Women in Manufacturing and Engineering (WiME). 

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