Eating Crow


Episode 47: Dale Dupree

Season 2, Ep. 47

Dale Dupree a rock star. No seriously, he IS a rock star.

He spent much of his late teens and early 20's in a heavy metal band - and learned a few things.

Most importantly, he met his wife at a show, and realized he wanted more.

While he was delighting leather-clad fans everywhere, he learned sales from his dad. Not just any "sales", but EPIC sales.

Change your life sales, change other's lives sales.

Dale sold copiers. A lot of copiers.

But the sales machine started to grind him up. He knew there was a better way.

But Dale's way is not the typical way. It's rebellious. It's different. It's not for everyone, but it should be.

He built the Sales Rebellion into a 10,000+ strong community, and he's just getting started.

He's famous, he's humble, he's real and one of the reasons I love this podcast.

Get a cup of coffee, put this episode on and just listen. Sit quietly and listen. You won't be disappointed.

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