Eating Crow

If you are a leader or an entrepreneur this podcast will speak to you (well, I guess that's the point). These are stories of amazing people with the courage to lead and often admit they were wrong and challenge long-held beliefs to make change. Many of these everyday heroes have evolved into leaders and entrepreneurs, and most of their stories have never been heard, until now. Pete Durand interviews people from all walks of life - the military, finance, business, sports, government and education. We learn from their challenges, pitfalls, lessons and how, by eating crow, how they used an open mind to adjust their way of thinking and lead others, including their families. Pete adds his own experiences as a husband, father and entrepreneur in this meaningful if not hilarious podcast.

Pete Durand

A successful executive and entrepreneur, Pete was inspired to start RivalHealth in 2009. After growing the business (in all 50 states, 12 countries and 66 languages) and changing thousands of people’s lives he merged the company with gBehavior to form GoPivot Solutions, the leading well-being platform in the US. He is patent holder, budding podcast host, an accomplished triathlete, exercise junkie, nutrition nut and NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). Pete holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and MBA and is a former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Carolinas.