Eating Crow


Episode 41: Tony Albrecht

Season 2, Ep. 41
Tony Albrecht has seen things.Things most people will never witness.His path has been a winding journey through self-doubt, insecurity, destructiveness, self-centeredness and ultimately, a spiritual awakening.Tony is also one of the most intriguing people I've met (and considering this show's premise, that's saying something).He's raw.He's still paving HIS path.He's becoming an amazing husband and father (note, it's an evolving process, with no deadline).I connected with Tony's writing instantly. He was gracious enough to share his journey and lessons.I hope to be with Tony on the remainder of his journey. When you encounter people who are deep and have so much to offer, you make it a priority to build a friendship and to continue to learn and be challenged by their approach to life.Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:Sabbaticals have meritReading is fundamentalMany battles win the warTony is a quiet leader. He has "it", the thing people are drawn to in any situation. In his youth he let this power consume him. Now he's harnessed it, using it for good.Leaders can benefit from his thoughtful approach to words, actions and observation. He battles the resistance one-day-at-a-time.Tony's Eating Crow Moments:You hit rock bottom the moment you stop diggingFacing reality - owning his journeyTough conversations with his parentsAdopting the 12-steps in AA, and working them, embracing the spiritual awakening.You can find Tony here:

Episode 38: Brooks Bell

Season 2, Ep. 38
I've been following Brooks Bell's career for years.Her name is on the building where her consulting firm has grown into one of the most respected and innovative groups in the country.I drive by the office frequently.I've always wondered...On this, the 38th episode of Eating Crow, we meet Brooks. I should have reached out years ago.Brooks is brilliant.She's built an amazing company.But her new mission is educating people about early detection for colon can see where this is going.At 38-years old, at the peak of her professional and personal lives, she was diagnosed with cancer.Brooks did what you'd expect. She jumped in.She resigned as CEO of her own company the next day.She was going to beat this. And she did.She learned a lot about cancer, and how early detection saves lives for those diagnosed with colon cancer, specifically.She's now a champion for not only early detection, but for healthier lifestyles that can prevent or help you weather the treatment for cancers.Brooks' Eating Crow Moments:Once diagnosed, she had to make serious lifestyle changes. They were difficult, not natural.Priorities changed. Rethinking work/life/health opened her eyes.Cooking. She didn't cook. Now she grows her own veggies and has learned the joy of healthy cooking and how wonderful it can taste.Exercise. She never considered herself athletic, so she doubled down and learned yoga, movement and mindfulness - amazing the impact they can have for those in cancer treatment and to prevent the debilitating impact stress can have on your health.Key Takeaways for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:Pay attention to your body. It's the only one you get and if something isn't right, check it out.Work will always be there. You must prioritize your health, or you, your family and your company don't get the best version of yourself each day.Her health journey has evolved her company. Today, Brooks Bell has evolved into a dynamic firm, addressing "bigger" problems, forming long-term partnerships with their clients.You can find Brooks here, along with her mission and messaging:

Episode 37: Carlos Hidalgo

Season 2, Ep. 37
On Episode 37 of Eating Crow we meet Carlos Hidalgo.Carlos, and his wife, Susanne, run Life Design, a boutique firm helping others who know there can be more, and want to make the necessary changes to begin living a life they love to live each and every day.Sounds easy, right?To realize there is a better way, you must recognize something is wrong.Carlos opens up about his life, his marriage, his career and how all of them came crashing down.Something was definitely wrong.I've heard similar stories.However, Carlos owned his shit more than anyone I've met.Every word was raw, genuine and heartfelt.Carlos has been to dark places.He received several much-needed slaps in the face and got his act together.It was hard. It took time.Susanne is the real hero of this story. She's a masterclass in forgiveness, compassion and fortitude.Life Design is built on a foundation of experience and tested methods to design a better life.If you are missing something or don't feel you are in a better place, join them.Lessons for Leaders and Entrepreneurs:Ownership. When something goes wrong, own it and fix it.It's a journey. Building a company or a better life is not an event, it's a life-long process.You need a team. Carlos had strong friends and associates who cared enough to get in his face. We all need people like that.Carlos' Eating Crow Moments:Realizing he may have lost his marriage and family.Trying to contain the carnage, ignoring that he was the problem.Finding out he had to fix himself first, but with no guarantee he could rebuild his family.Looking in the mirror, after the hard work, and realizing he liked the person looking back at him.You can find Carlos here: