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Season 4, Ep. 1

This Podcast is Delicious!

In this episode, comedians, Ali Hassan and Marco Timpano introduce their rebranded podcast show which was previously known as Eat & Drink. The new name of the podcast is This Podcast is Delicious! It is the perfect name for their show because not only will the show be about foods and drinks, but it will also be full of positive vibes and high energy and comedy.

Ali and Marco start the show by explaining why they decided to rebrand their podcast show. They also explain why they had to take a long break, the issues that were in their pathways, and how the break helped them to strengthen their bond and bring a fresh approach to the podcast. The two also discuss what the restaurant North & Navy has recently done in offering free meals to Canadian heroes.

Finally, Marco critiques an article about Espresso from the Food and Wine Magazine.

Tune in to have fun and learn more with ‘This Podcast is Delicious!’


[01:11] Why is the podcast show rebranded?

[03:3] What happened during the brief break?

[04:08] The story of pawpaw seeds

[13:10] Comments on North & Navy offering free meals to Canada heroes

[19:12] The lowest moments of Marco in the past fortnight.

[19:36] Insight of an article about Espresso from the Food and Wine Magazine


  • "Crema in espresso enhances the taste of the coffee".
  • "An espresso is not tea, it's a quick coffee drink."
  • "If espresso is not sweet in your palate, you should determine the amount of sugar you put in it."
  • "Drinking espresso IS about THE crema".

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