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  • 8. Eating on the Road

    "Eating on the Road"Join hosts Ali Hassan and Marco Timpano on another episode of "This Podcast is Delicious," the food and drink podcast with a side of comedy! In this episode, titled "Eating on the Road," Ali and Marco share their tips and experiences on how to travel, eat, and drink without breaking the bank or sacrificing health and variety.Marco kicks things off by recounting his recent adventures in Jamestown, New York, where he visited the National Comedy Museum and couldn't stop raving about how wonderful it was. However, he also admits to encountering a common road trip dilemma - finding himself eating chicken wings on multiple occasions, leading to some food fatigue. Discover how Marco navigated through this challenge and still managed to enjoy his foodie journey all the while Ali quotes the bible for some reason.Next, the hosts share their top three tips for making the most of your culinary experiences while traveling. Ali and Marco provide valuable insights to help you make the most of your gastronomic escapades on the road.Moreover, the duo opens up about their personal stories of attempting to eat healthily while traveling. Find out how they balanced their love for delicious food with their desire to maintain a healthier lifestyle on the move or their failures thereof. As always, the episode is sprinkled with their signature humour and banter, making it a fun and entertaining listen for all food enthusiasts and travellers alike.Stay connected with Ali and Marco to stay updated on their latest foodie adventures and upcoming episodes:**Twitter:** @podisdelcious**Instagram:** This Podcast is Delicious**Web:** thispodcastisdeliciousTune in to "This Podcast is Delicious" for your bi-monthly serving of delectable discussions and hilarious food-filled anecdotes, hosted by Ali Hassan and Marco Timpano. Don't miss out on the fun - subscribe now!
  • 11. Tales of Canadian Seafood & L'Acadie Blanc Wine (The Great White North Wine!)

    Tales of Canadian Seafood & L'Acadie Blanc Wine (The Great White North Wine!)Join cohosts Marco and Ali on a delectable adventure in the latest episode of "This Podcast is Delicious".Get ready to dive into the depths of Canadian waters as they uncover a bounty of seafood you may not have known existed. From the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific, discover the hidden gems of seafood and shellfish from each region, and learn some mouthwatering preparation tips along the way.But that's not all! Marco has a special treat in store as he shares his love for one of his favourite wines, L'Acadie Blanc, and explains how perfectly it complements the mentioned seafood. Explore the fascinating world of pairing wines with oysters as the cohosts provide insights and recommendations.Meanwhile, Ali takes you on a virtual trip to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, a landlocked province that surprisingly Ali boasts about a remarkable seafood dish he had there. Listen as Ali uncovers this delight. Marco opens up about his younger dreams of becoming a fisherman, leading to some humorous moments and laughter throughout the episode. So, buckle up and get ready for some seafood-filled laughter!Connect with us on Twitter at @podisdelicious and follow us on Instagram at This Podcast is Delicious for more delicious updates. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and have a great time with us on "This Podcast is Delicious"!
  • 10. Toast to Canada Day: Indulging in the Tastes of the Great White North

    "Happy Canada Day! In this special episode of 'This Podcast is Delicious,' we raise a toast to Canada and celebrate the culinary delights of the Great White North. Join hosts Ali and Marco as they explore the rich tapestry of Canadian food and drink, taking you on a mouthwatering journey from coast to coast.No celebration of Canadian cuisine would be complete without a nod to the bountiful seafood offerings. Ali and Marco highlight a couple of fish found in Canadian waters but that is just a taste of what this episode has in store for you.To follow, Marco shares his top 5 Canadian Cocktails, revealing his favourite concoctions that embody the spirit of Canada. From refreshing maple-infused drinks to unique regional specialties, which cocktail will claim the coveted number 1 spot? Tune in to find out!Ali then takes a deep dive into a delicious food of Montreal, surprising listeners with unexpected culinary gems that might defy their expectations. Discover the hidden delights of this vibrant city's gastronomy, as Ali unravels the flavours that make Montreal a true food lover's paradise. He doesn't stop in Quebec though...But let's not forget the sweet side of Canada! Marco goes gaga over the country's beloved sweet treats, uncovering delectable desserts that are uniquely Canadian. From butter tarts to Nanaimo bars, prepare for a sugar rush as the hosts indulge in these iconic delicacies.Throughout the episode, Ali and Marco traverse the Canadian map, sharing culinary highlights from Newfoundland to Ontario, Quebec to Saskatchewan, and beyond. They make a compelling case for people to try more food that comes from the Great White North, inviting listeners to connect with them on social media platforms and their website.Connect with us on:Twitter: @podisdeliciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdeliciousSo join us in celebrating Canada Day and raising a glass to the incredible flavours of the Great White North. Discover the unique cocktails, surprising foods, and mouthwatering sweet treats that make Canada a true culinary destination. It's time to savour the deliciousness of Canada!"
  • 9. Ultra Processed Food and other Sins

    Ultra Processed Food and other Sins.In this mouthwatering episode of "This Podcast is Delicious," join hosts Ali Hassan and Marco Timpano as they dive into the sinful world of ultra-processed food. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of culinary confessions as they uncover the dark secrets behind the addictive allure of these guilty pleasures. Marco finds his inner 80 year old man. Ali and Marco leave no stone unturned as they dissect the science behind ultra-processed foods and explore the implications for our health and well-being. From questionable ingredients to mind-boggling manufacturing processes, get ready to have your taste buds and funny bone tickled simultaneously.But it's not all serious talk! These two comedic connoisseurs infuse their signature humour into every bite-sized revelation, taking hilarious tangents and sharing personal stories as well as some drink alternatives to the Colas and Soft Drinks you enjoy. Join Ali and Marco as they serve up an episode that's a perfect blend of comedy, insights, and mouthwatering revelations.Connect with them on Twitter @podisdelicious, follow them on Instagram @ThisPodcastisDelicious, and visit their website at thispodcastisdelicious.Prepare for a laugh-out-loud feast that will leave you hungry for more! Bon appétit!Connect with us on:Twitter: @podisdeliciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdelicious
  • 8. Flower Power

    Flower PowerAli Hassan & Marco Timpano take us on a floral journey, how to use flowers in your cocktails and in your various dishes. A Sneak-Peek:[1:00] Ali and Marco debate the seasons.[3:30] What is your favourite flower? [8:00] Hibiscus - great for cocktails, dried, and syrups.[11:50] Peonies - how much can you actually eat?[12:30] A light touch with Roses.[15:20] The pop of colour you might want on your cocktail.[16:39] Cornflower, and what to do with?[18:12] Nasturtium Gimlet recipe. [20:32] Lavender and it as a syrup recipe. [21:31] Poor man’s saffron.[24:40] Cherry Blossoms — raw or candied.[26:42] Chamomile Grappa recipe.[30:12] Dandelions — more than just salads.[32:12] Back to Lavender.[34:12] Squash Blossoms, stuff em, fry them, use them in soups.[40:12] Marco plants his herbs in his front garden.[42:12] Ali tells his Mezcal story.[42:12] Ali tells his Mezcal story.Quotes:“Life can be bitter, so should you salad.” - Marco“Happy Summer” - AliConnect with us on:Twitter: @podisdelciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdelicious 
  • 7. Let's Chaat

    Let’s ChaatAli Hassan & Marco Timpano chat about the wonderful snack Chaat and the delicious beverage both salt and sweet the incredible Lassi. A Sneak-Peek:[00:30] Ali thinks it’s summer, Marco disagrees. [01:15] Marco talks about Hawaii and Ali talks about his trip to The Yukon.  [05:21] Marco explains why Hawaii can be dangerous for him. [07:30] Why Marco’s wife doesn’t eat bugs. [09:30] Chaat discussion. [22:53] Ali talks about fart powder or black salt. [24:00] Explains the different types of Chaat.[27:50] Ali explains why salt is added onto fruit. [32:00] Marco talks about the Lassi.[34:30] The salty version of Lassi. [35:40] White butter or Clotted cream.[41:19] Marco gets excited about a Lassi di Buffala. [42:45] Marco talks about different types of Lassi.[44:30] Marco flips his lid over the Bhang Lassi.[50:30] Lassi Recipe.[56:53] Final thoughts on Lassi.Twitter: @podisdelciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdelicious 
  • 6. Salad Dressing & Pinot Grigio

    Salad Dressing & Pinot GrigioAli Hassan & Marco Timpano are your hosts and they take you through how you can make your own delicious salad dressing, save money, healthy and tasty salad toppings and the perfect wine pairing. On today’s episode you get the 101 on Pinot Grigio.A Sneak-Peek:[1:00] Ali and Marco discuss clothes that are hanging around. [3:15] Making your own salad dressing is cost effective.   [6:00] Marco laments over Italian Olive oil. [08:50] Ali gives his recipe for his salad dressings. [09:50] Marco gives his poppy seed tip.[12:10] Ali tells us about Nicoise salad.[16:00] Ali talks about the Pikliz salad.[20:12] Marco brings a white wine to podcast today. [24:32] Marco explains the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris.[25:31] Casual food pairs well with Pinot Grigio.[27:00] Top 5 things to eat with Pinot Grigio.[29:00] Marco drops the mic with his last pairng.[31:12] Ali talks about his gout. Marco determines if Ali does infant have gout.[35:00] We go back to salad dressing items and ask what is your summertime drink that goes with salad. Quotes:“You sound like someone who grew up in the Great Depression” - Ali“You’re mashing it like it owes you money” - MarcoConnect with us on:Twitter: @podisdelciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdelicious 
  • 5. Cheese

    Cheese PleaseAli Hassan & Marco Timpano melt your hearts on today’s episode where they talk about Cheese.A Sneak-Peek:[2:00] Ali takes us through a cheese journey.[7:15] Ali takes us through the Meltability of Cheese and the science behind it.  [10:00] The cheeses that don’t melt. [11:50] Ali lists good melty cheeses and where Gruyère comes from. [13:50] What happens when a Croque Monsieur gets an egg?[16:10] Cheese caves and how to pronounce Gouda.[19:59] Don’t suffocate your cheese.[20:12] Grilled Cheese. [24:32] Cheese boards.[29:31] Cocktails that pair with Cheese (see below for the whole list).[34:40] Ali explains the Michelada.[41:42] Marco tells the difference between Tequila and Mezcal.[42:12] Ali tells his Mezcal story.Cheese and Cocktail pairing:GIN & TONICGin & Tonics pair well with soft and creamy cheeses and white moulded cheeses like brie Camenbert and blue cheeses.Honourable mentions: Stilton cheese and those cheeses that are crusted with herbs. BLOODY MARY /Bloody CaesarBloody Mary's goes quite well with any cheeses that pair well with tomatoes, think dry, or Italian cheeses like Parmigiano or mozzarella, ricotta and even goat cheese.Honourable mention: Burrata.NEGRONIThe Negroni pairs perfectly with any aged gouda will compensate and when you combine the two you get a delicious combination of fruit and nuttiness on the nose with a light, refreshing finish on the palate.Honourable mention: Charcuterie board.OLD FASHIONED The Old Fashioned pairs with a variety of cheeses, The sweetness and caramel notes go well hardy aged cheddar, Grana padano or an alpine-style like Gruyère, Emmental, Raclette, Comté, Appenzeller and Beaufort. These nutty semi-hard cheeses will hold up to the strength of the whiskey.Honourable mention: if your gonna fondue and you don’t want wine start with an Old Fashioned.MEZCAL MARGARITAWhen we talk Mexcalarita we go funky — Pair it with that gold standard of sheep’s cheese the pecorino. The smoky and earthy Mezcal Margarita.”goes perfect with Manchego, AsiagoHonourable mention: Halloumi & Feta.Quote: “It’s like Pavlov’s Dog at the other end of this podcast” - MarcoConnect with us on:Twitter: @podisdelciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdelicious 
  • 4. The Green Episode

    The Green EpisodeAli Hassan & Marco Timpano share their personal connection to the this green episode. Perhaps their most controversial episode to date. Quotes:“He’s making money hand over foot” AliResource Link:Connect with us on:Twitter: @podisdelciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdelicious