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Wine Consultant: Beverly Crandon

Season 3, Ep. 15
Beverly CrandonAli & Marco welcome wine consultant and sommelier Beverly Crandon to the podcast. Beverly is the wine expert behind various organizations including the not for profit Vinequity and Spice Food & Wine Group. We talk to her about this and more, and Marco has wine scenarios for Beverly where she has to pair the perfect wine.A Sneak-Peek:[01:00] Ali and Marco talk about wine they had recently.[3:35] Beverly tells us about Spice Food and Wine Group.[5:20] Ali tells about the dessert he makes and how desserts aren’t his thing. [6:20] Ali tells how we was told that ‘the best wine with Indian food is beer’, and asks Beverly how we get away from that way of thinking.[7:55] Flavour Bridging.[10:29] Beverly talks about how wine was introduced to the world through the Spice Route and the Salve Trade.[15:12] We find out how Beverly was introduced to wine.[17:45] Beverly’s advice on how to approach wine.[19:36] Ali’s Gin bias.[21:20] We find out why it’s important to get more people cross culturally exploring wine. [22:30] Vinequity [26:14] Beverly shares her thoughts of being a person of colour in the wine industry.[30:35] Wine pairings with ethnic food.[32:50] Marco’s first scenario: Brunch and red wine.[36:00] Scenario 2: Texas BBQ[37:49] Scenario 4: Poutine[39:06] Ali find out what wine pairs with Butter Chicken.[40:50] Marco goes nuts that Beverly has picked a wine region he knows all too well.[44:00] Beverly and the love she has for wine consulting.Connect with us on:Twitter: @podisdelciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdeliciousEmail: 

Trevor Lui

Season 3, Ep. 13
Trevor LuiAli & Marco welcome Trevor Lui to the podcast. This culinary Superhero, continues to raise the profile of Toronto with his food, brings the stories of his life and his dishes to the page with his book The Double Happiness Cookbook. His video series Soulful Food Stories is a video series that exposes the ‘other’ side of communities and neighbourhoods. His organization Quell represent talented underrepresented food, drink and lifestyle leaders. There’s all this and a whole lot more. Listen as we interview our guest Trevor LuiA Sneak-Peek:[02:00] Ali mentions how he met Trevor. [4:00] Trevor talks about his cookbook’s playlist.[8:05] Trevor tells us the journey of writing his cookbook. [12:03] Trevor’s Dad’s Hollywood dream.[19:00] We discuss restaurants that serve multiple ethnic cuisine.[20:50] Racism within the food industry.[23:00] The rebranding of Joy Bird to Bao Bird. [24:17] The Night Market.[28:30] Trevor explains why he is an “Egg-Thug for Life”[30:31] On being diabetic and his cookbook and working in the food industry.[33:10] Quell. [37:00] What the impact was for Ali to see Chef Joshna on TV and what she has said about being with Quell.[41:08] Advice from Trevor for young creatives[42:22] Ways the industry make the changes needed.[47:40] How to eat French Onion Soup the right way.Mentioned links:The Double Happiness Cookbook Playlist.Interview with Chef Joshna MaharajHighbell GroupBook: The Double Happiness Cookbook:Connect with us on:Twitter: @podisdelciousInstagram: This Podcast is DeliciousWeb: thispodcastisdelicious