Dying Breeds


4. The Slimatessen

Season 1, Ep. 4

Our presenter, Gervaise Sareen, chews the fat with some visitors to a health-farm who are hoping to shed pounds, not tears, whilst home-truths arise to bite them on the bum.


Presenter - Nigel Pilkington

Mel - Samantha Seager

Alison - Kate Copeland

Rich - Steven Kynman

Helen - Penelope Rawlins

Lou - Harriet Carmichael

Countess - Gina Murray

Directed by Nigel Pilkington

Theme tune by Michael Bennett

Music by Aux Studios

Audio engineering by Holly Parris

Sound design by Jude Hodgson-Hann

Recorded at ID Audio, London

(c) Nigel Pilkington & Peter Cragg 2020

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