Dying Breeds


5. The Shoeshiner

Season 1, Ep. 5

Our presenter, Gervaise Sareen, brushes off the cobwebs in the environs of Marylebone Railway Station, where a shoeshiner casts an unearthly light on the soles of his customers.


Presenter - Nigel Pilkington

Jimmy - Roger May

Wayne - Nick Mercer

Daniel - Jonny Freeman

Amy - Jane Collingwood

Rupert - Ewan Goddard

Sarita - Kate Lock

City Gent / Security Officer - Wayne Forester

Additional characters by Steven Kynman and members of the company

Directed by Nigel Pilkington

Theme tune by Michael Bennett

Audio engineering by Holly Parris

Sound design by Jude Hodgson-Hann

Recorded at ID Audio, London

(c) Nigel Pilkington & Peter Cragg 2020

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