Psalm 37:3 says "trust in the Lord and do good, dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness."

In this new podcast for moms from the CiRCE Podcast Network, Emily Hill, Renee Mathis, and Karen Kern will explore what it means to dwell in our homes—that place where God has called us to do good. They will discuss dwelling with others in relationship, dwelling in wisdom as we seek to educate our children, and dwelling at home such that we create a place where our families will flourish.

Episodes will post 3 times each month and will consider a variety of topics related to motherhood, homeschooling, homemaking, and much more.

Karen Kern

With years of experience as a third-grade teacher, Head of Grammar School, homeschooling mother of five, and school board member, Karen Kern has much to offer to her fellow moms. She has particular expertise in classroom practice and the moral imagination. She lives in Concord, North Carolina with her husband, Andrew, surrounded as often as possible by their children and grandchildren.

Renee Mathis

Renee Mathis has “graduated” from the classroom after finishing a combined 30 years of teaching in both her home and tutorial settings. She and her husband Steve have five children, two of whom are now married with children of their own. She has served the homeschool community in Houston in various capacities, including as administrator and teacher of the PREP Classes Tutorial where she enjoyed sharing her love of writing and literature since 1999. She is a CiRCE Certified Master Teacher and she now leads the Gulf Coast Apprenticeship as a Head Mentor

Emily Hill

Emily Hill homeschools her crew of four with the hope of sparking wonder and a love of wisdom. After founding and directing Journey School, an elementary homeschool program, she is now taking on the role of Director at Haven School, a hybrid high school in Colorado Springs. She began her homeschool journey with reading great books and conversing about great ideas with great people; to this day these are her favorite activities. She is married to the man she loves and her children make her laugh - a praiseworthy skill.