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  • 80. Norms and Nobility Chapter 3: Teaching the Father of the Man

    Renee and Karen discuss Norms and Nobility, Chapter 3, starting with Wordsworth's poem, "My Heart Leaps Up" which expresses the idea that the child is father of the man. Homeschooling moms have the privilege of keeping the long view in sight: that they are preparing their children for adulthood, and that ultimately, nurturing wisdom and virtue in their children is both their goal and their hope.

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  • 79. Renee and Karen Talk Poetry

    In this episode, Renee and Karen discuss poetry: they share their favorite poets, offer tips for enjoying poetry by yourself or in a group, share ideas on how to get started writing your own poems, and each read one of their favorites. Whether you are new to the world of poetry or you have long enjoyed it, we hope you will be encouraged to open a volume in a moment of quiet (or to still the chaos!).
  • 78. Katherine Briggs, Teacher and Writer

    Today on Dwell, Renee talks with Katherine (Katie) Briggs, a middle-school teacher, author, and one of her former students. They talk about encouraging young writers as well as what it is like to have your first book published.See more about Katherine:www.katherinebriggs.comInstagram at katherinebriggs_author
  • 77. Norms and Nobility Chapter 2: The Word is Truth

    Renee and Karen explore Chapter 2, "The Word is Truth", discussing Hicks' statement that "Mythos represents man's spiritual effort to make this world intelligible."; that there is power in mythos (stories) to help us understand the world and our place in it; that mythos is the skeleton of civilization as men are inspired to good, heroic acts. Listen, and be inspired to enjoy the best stories with your children!
  • 76. Norms and Nobility Chapter 1: Virtue is the Fruit of Learning

    Listen as Renee and Karen chat about chapter 1 of Norms and Nobility by David Hicks. The title of the chapter is Virtue is the Fruit of Learning, and they discuss how classical education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue and therefore virtue can be taught; how virtue is taught over time and in the community of a family; and how a mom can avoid the temptation of being a perfectionist while desiring the good life —the life of virtue for herself and her children.
  • 75. Talking Shakespeare with Tim McIntosh!

    Listen as Renee and Karen chat with Tim McIntosh, actor, teacher, and podcaster, about his infectious love for Shakespeare. He share his favorite plays and movie adaptions and offers advice and resources for enjoying Shakespeare's plays with your family. You will be inspired to choose a play, assign characters, and jump right in!
  • 74. Rediscovering Ancestral Skincare, with Lily Wilmoth

    Join Renee and Karen as they chat with Lily Wilmoth, owner of the Hearth and Homestead Store, about her growing family business: the products they offer and how she manages a business and a busy homeschool/family life of four children and a fifth due soon! Check out her beautiful website at