The Bravery Of Wearing Jeans with Suchandrika Chakrabarti

Season 1, Ep. 47

In this episode, host Mariana Feijó chats with freelance journalist, stand up comedian, and comedy writer Suchandrika Chakrabarti (The Freelance Pod). They talk about loss, grief and dead parents, how others' perceptions of you can be a burden, and how you may be put in a position in which you have to manage people's emotions. They also talk about language and words and the importance of how we use them and the weight that they carry. They also talk about comedy, humour in the newsroom and UK's culture capital. #notallbritishpeople

You can find Suchandrika Chakrabarti on:

IG @suchandrika


Thank you to Shem Pennant (IG: @myshowcalledlife T: @each1teach1) for the intro music.

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