Perfection Doesn't Exist

Season 1, Ep. 51

In this week's episode, host Mariana Feijó looks back at all the 49 episodes of the first season. While she gathers her thoughts and prepares for a better, improved second season, coming up on 4th August, she'll take a moment to hang out with previous guests' thoughts and invite us to reflect on them again. This episode came out a little short, cause listening back to all 49 full episodes with guests, is way more work that Mariana considered, and it's all about how we navigate body image.

If you're a regular listen, just a heads up that Mariana will be living her best hot girl summer and sharing what brave things she's doing in each week's intro.

If it's your first time listening, maybe you'll be enticed to listen to the whole of the first season.

Thank you to Shem Pennant (IG: @myshowcalledlife T: @each1teach1) for the intro music.

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