Someone Slowly Losing Her Mind

Season 1, Ep. 52

This is the last episode of the first season of Doughty. In Mariana Feijó's intro, you can hear someone slowly losing it after a whole pandemic with no holiday and almost through and through work since January 2020. Despite all her best attempts, choosing and editing episode highlights together was a gargantuan task that was mostly a failure, but some of what you can listen in this episode, may make you want to go back and re listen to past episodes, or just listen for the first time, if this is your first time diving into the Doughty universe.

Most importantly, thank you to all 49 guests of this first season! You can find all their details below to follow and support them in any way you can!

Keep an eye out for the second season, which in all likelihood will come out on Wednesday, 4th August. Mariana might be having a break, but she won't let you have one!

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