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  • 4 Reasons Your Design System Will Fail

    On this episode of Design Drive, J, and Cathy, Nine Labs' design director, discuss dysfunctional operational processes and how they can affect your design system implementation.

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  • How Cognitive Load is Hindering Your UX

    This time of year is full of distractions for your Customers and your Colleagues, and believe it or not, completing simple tasks on an app may be much more challenging for users than ever imagined. A Human-Centered Design approach must consider the effects of Cognitive Load on users. This measurement of how much force we put on our brains to complete a task can have a big impact on your product’s UX.  Check out our latest episode of Design Driven for insights on why Cognitive Load matters, how to segment information to overcome outside pressure, why 7 is the magic number…and much more.
  • Quit Playing Games: How to Get the Right Message to Your Product Team

    How do you ensure your team, across all departments, are on the same page to deliver the right message? We’re discussing this and a whole lot more on the latest edition of Design Driven. Join host J Cornelius and guests, Nicholas Petroski, co-founder of Promethean Research, and Bureau of Digital’s Carl Smith for tips on how to save time and money by getting everyone on the right page, right away.If you are leading a product team, organizing stakeholders, or considering your next product design project, this podcast from these UX leaders should not be missed. 
  • Obstacles to Great Design

    On this episode of Design Driven, design guru Greg Storey sits down with host J. Cornelius to uncover many of the issues preventing organizations like yours from achieving great design outcomes. The two discuss how the best-run organizations are overcoming those challenges to achieve great results.
  • The Intersection of Business and UX

    The business case for UX Design is strong. Right? Better UX leads to quicker adoption, less cart abandonment, easier enrollment, and a frictionless payment process. A good User Experience is priceless. Isn’t it? If you’re nodding your head yes, you’re probably a Product Executive or Designer. On this episode of Design Driven, host J. Cornelius brings the conversation in-house to dish  with our Senior UX Designer, Cathy Fisher about the intersection of Business, Functionality, and UX Design. 
  • Level Up Your Product Management Team

    In this episode of Design Driven, Equifax Chief Product Officer Mark Luber shares his must haves for creating a new app, a check list he’s created over 20 years in this business. That’s right, Mark was leading product before it was called product, and when many of today’s top UX talent were still surfing the worldwide web via a dial up connection. Listen in as this product leader and UX titan, shares the things you must consider before creating any new product. 
  • Once Again, Design System to the Rescue

    The benefits of a Design System have been well documented by us, and other really smart people. But did you know that implementing a design system can also help formulate a company voice & tone?On this episode of Design Driven, Beau Ulrey, Design Principal at US Bank, and host J Cornelius discuss how design systems benefit an entire company, not just the UX team. They also dive into what makes a great design team, and much more.Topics Include: Must-have skills for a high functioning Product Design Team.Content strategy as a defined discipline within UX Why designers and developers must work shoulder-to-shoulder to create an optimum User ExperienceNeed critical buy-in from your team for implementing a design system, today? Looking for the key players for a winning product team? Then this episode of Design Driven is not to be missed?