D4B Debates - Panel Discussions on the coup in Burma


D4B Debates - No 4 - Humanitarian Crisis in Burma

Season 1, Ep. 4

This is the fourth of four D4B podcasts that make up the D4B Debates that will help you unpack the coup in Burma.

In this episode, the panel host Shane Brady engages four distinguished panellists in a discussion on the topic of the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Burma. What can other countries do to help, what are ethnic minority groups doing and more importantly, what is the National Unity Government doing to prepare to respond?

The podcast format:

  • The discussion begins with a brief introduction of each of the panel members.
  • For each topic, panel members are asked to make a brief (5 mins) statement of their views.
  • These statements are followed up with further questions from panel host Shane Brady.

Podcast Host: Shane Brady - Co-Founder of Democracy for Burma campaign & International Humanitarian Specialist

Panellists include:

  1. Janelle Saffin MP - Member for Lismore (NSW) & Founder and past Chair of the Australia-Myanmar Parliament Group
  2. Geoff Cohn OAM - Co-Found of Democracy for Burma & Founder of the Myanmar Eye Care Project
  3. Dr Khon Ja - Humanitarian & Advocate for the Kachin Peace Network
  4. Deputy Minister Naw Htoo Phaw - NUG Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management

Duration: Approx 1 hour 30 minutes

Additional audio files have been taken as a sound bed from an Al Jazeera report sourced on YouTube - 10th June 2021.

Democracy for Burma campaign information can be found here: www.democracyforburma.com.au

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