Cupp O' Sunshine

  • 5. Finding Hope in the Face of Adversity with Mallory Weggemann

    Today on the Cupp O' Sunshine Podcast, Deb Cupp is joined by record-setting, two-time Paralympic swimmer Mallory Weggemann. On January 21, 2008, a routine medical procedure left Mallory Weggemann paralyzed from her waist down. Less than two years later, Mallory had broken eight world records, and fifteen world records by 2012. Deb and Mallory discuss the importance of community, changing the perception of disability in our society, and her book; Limitless: The Power of Hope and Resilience to Overcome Circumstance.     In This Episode You Will Learn:     What inspired Mallory to get back into the pool after her paralysis  The importance of changing the perception of disability in our society What adversity and challenges Mallory had to overcome  Some Questions We Ask:     Can you explain a little more about your mindset while writing your book?  What has each of these Paralympic games meant to you?  What goes through your mind as you are getting ready to compete?    Resources:  View Mallory Weggeman on LinkedIn View Deb Cupp on LinkedIn 
  • 4. Welcoming the Hard Moments and Finding the Magic in Persevering with Keira D’Amato

    On this episode of the Cupp O' Sunshine Podcast, Deb Cupp is joined by Keira D'Amato. Keira is the current record holder for the American women's marathon – which she broke in January. 2022. Not only is Keira an incredibly fast runner, but she is also a wife, mother of 2, and a real estate agent. In today's episode, Deb and Keira discuss why it is okay to be vulnerable around others, how to prioritize your time when it seems impossible, and what is going on inside her head before a big race.    In This Episode You Will Learn About:    Why it’s good to ask for help The power and importance of vulnerability The significance of focus, practice, and teamwork Some Questions We Discuss:    What do you believe is the silver bullet when prioritizing your time? How do you keep going when things are hard?  What is going on in your head before a big race?  Resources:   View Keira D’Amato on Instagram View Deb Cupp on LinkedIn View Deb Cupp on Twitter 
  • 3. Building Trust and the IKEA Effect with Jon Levy

    Today on the Cupp O' Sunshine Podcast, Deb Cupp is joined by behavioral scientist, consultant, and NY Times Best Selling author Jon Levy. Jon specializes in applying the latest research to transform the ways companies approach marketing, sales, consumer engagement, and culture. We often think that connecting with people means networking events, fancy dinners, and swag giveaways in sales but how effective are they? Not very. Hear Jon's thoughts on rethinking how we try to build connection and trust with others, the value in asking a colleague or customer for advice, and creating what Jon calls, the IKEA effect.    In This Episode You Will Learn:    What exactly a behavioral scientist is When to create an experience that develops a greater level of trust Why human beings don't process the length of pleasure or pain  Some Questions We Ask:    How does the Peak-End Rule work in the context of a real-life business? How can we invest effort into others to feel familiar and safe working together?  When are we prone to fall on our default answers?    Resources:   ‘You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence’ View Jon Levy on LinkedIn View Deb Cupp on LinkedIn 
  • 2. Problem-Solving and the Power of Reflection With Becky Halstead

    Today on the Cupp O' Sunshine Podcast, Deb Cupp is joined by General Becky Halstead. Not only was Becky the first woman graduate of West Point to achieve General Officer, but she was also the Senior Commanding General for logistics during combat in Iraq. After 27 years of service in the U.S. Army, she then wrote the book "The First Person You Must Lead Is You." Becky and Deb discuss the power of taking time to reflect, her tips for problem-solving, and how to stay calm during the chaos.    In This Episode You Will Learn About:    How to lead a team in the face of the unknown The importance of creating a rhythm to your life and schedule Why personal and professional relationships are so important  Some Questions We Discuss:     What gives you the confidence to lead and help others feel safe? What advice do you have for folks that are just trying to take care of themselves? How can you encourage leaders to be calm during the chaos? Resources:   View Becky Halstead on LinkedIn View Deb Cupp on LinkedIn View Deb Cupp on Twitter 
  • 1. People-Centric Leadership and Mentorship Connection with Joe Morgan

    Today on the Cupp O' Sunshine Podcast, Deb Cupp is joined by a long-time mentor and former boss, Joe Morgan. Joe is a highly experienced CEO, Board Member, and Strategic Advisor who brings passion, energy, and leadership to transformational business environments, including high-growth companies, transitional management, and turnaround situations. Joe and Deb discuss the importance of getting to know the people you work with, why trust is essential for mentorship, and some meaningful lessons they have learned in the past year.    In This Episode You Will Learn About:     Tips or tricks that help you feel comfortable at work The best way to approach a mentor/mentee mentorship Critical aspects and ingredients for great leadership Some Questions We Discuss:    What are you looking for when trying to connect or engage with an employee?  Do you worry about what other people think of you in a work environment? What can you do to put people at ease while working together?  Resources:  View Joe Morgan on LinkedIn View Deb Cupp on LinkedIn View Deb Cupp on Twitter