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Season 2, Ep. 1

Creatokia, the world of digital originals, is finally here – and so is the first English-speaking episode of the Creatokia Podcast! The hosts John Ruhrmann and Jens Klingelhöfer, founders and managing directors of Bookwire, are welcoming a new member to their podcast team: Videl Bar-Kar, global head of audio for Bookwire in London. Today’s episode is the beginning of a series of episodes about NFTs, Blockchain and the Creatokia platform - and how it helps authors, publishers and creatives to become part of the world of digital originals. Check it out now!  

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How NFTs are influencing the art world – between fractionalization and sustainability

Season 2, Ep. 15
We are very happy to welcome Anna Graf in this week’s episode. Anna is Director of NFT at the platform MISA.ART which has grown out of the renowned and Berlin based “König Galerie”. We learn about how that project has started and the vision she now pursues. We touch a whole lot of highly interesting topics such as the concept of fractionalized ownership or the controversial sustainability discourse which we get an interesting perspective on. Furthermore, we learn how artists are discovering NFT as a new form of expression for themselves, and about an inspiring project by Jonas Burgert who is using NFT art as a means of organizing and providing concrete humanitarian aid to war refugees from Ukraine. As always, we wrap it up with some very useful advice for publishers who are working on their own NFT strategy. Links to the discussed projects:Check out The goal is to identify the needs of Ukrainian people in distress and provide assistance as quickly as possible.“Beisein” by Jonas Burgert:“Sweet Sweet Cherry Pink” by Robert Janitz: Follow Anna and her work at MISA.ART and König Galerie: Twitter@the_annagraf: Websites: