Creative Tech Podcast


Dr Sara Jones

Season 1, Ep. 6

Dr Jones is a pioneer in the field of interdisciplinary creativity. A lecturer in Creative Interactive System Design at Bayes Business School, and the Director of the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice, Sara has been instrumental in developing international collaborations and post grad business courses that focus on injecting creativity and innovation into business and MBA-level students.

In this podcast she discusses her work collaborating with businesses and academics across the world, the role of education in engendering innovation skills in students, how technology can play a part in that process, and, the one single thing that she would get rid of to make humans more creative!


Dr Sara Jones

Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice

Masters, Innovation Creativity and Leadership (MICL)

Bayes Business School

Centre for Creativity Enabled by AI (CebAI)




City, University of London

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