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Irini Papadimitriou

Season 2, Ep. 6

Who controls technology? How is it developed? Who benefits from AI? How do we change things for the best? Cultural curator Irini Papadimitriou, Creative Director at innovation lab and cultural agency, Future Everything, on challenging norms, queering datasets, and inherent bias in artificial intelligence.

From the LAPD and deadly robots to the National Trust, Irini champions inclusivity in technology using art and collaborating with a wide array of innovative artists from around the world.


Produced by Diana Squires

Edited by Emilia Rolewicz

Executive Producer Sam Steele

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You and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens

National Trust at Quarry Bank: Unintended Consequences

The Normalising Machine

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

Bill Balaskas

Forensic Architecture

Adam Harvey: V-Frame

Jake Elwes: Zizi - Queering the Dataset

Creative Comm 21

Future Everything

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