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  • 6. Anthony Impey MBE

    Anthony Impey MBE is CEO of SME support network Be the Business, and he wants to change the world. Today he slips off his super-hero cloak and joins Professor Neil Maiden to delve into the UK’s productivity problems and discuss what can be done to solve them.   Be The Business has supported an increase in SME productivity to the tune of £462 million in the UK, and in this wide ranging conversation we discuss the current challenges facing business owners; why we are now in the “Age of the Entrepreneur”; how uncertainty creates opportunities for business; and the generative AI tools that will support productivity.   Produced by Emilia Rolewicz Executive Producer Sam Steele  Theme music generated by AI @ Links Be the Business website  Anthony Impey Twitter @Impmister Anthony Impey LinkedIn  CebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email  Business-Sparks 

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  • 5. Alice Frost

    Alice Frost, Director of Knowledge Exchange at Research England, discusses the UK’s knowledge economy and the dark art of getting innovative ideas out of higher education to create real-world impact.  How well is the UK doing in this field? Alice explains her obsession with evidence, avoiding “wifty wafty” stakeholder engagement, and how the UK’s academic research and development achievements translate into £billions of pounds for the UK economy. If you are interested in the current debate on the wholesale reform of how universities think about their spin out and licencing strategies, this podcast is for you.  Produced by Emilia Rolewicz Executive Producer Sam Steele  Theme music generated by AI @ Links UK Research England website UK Research England (UKRI)  Alice Frost LinkedIn  CebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email  DesignSparks  SportSparks  Business-Sparks 
  • 4. Andy Wilkins

    How can businesses of every size learn to embrace curiosity and creativity? Andy Wilkins, business consultant; Honorary Visiting Fellow at Bayes Business School; and co-founder of consultancy Perspectiv, discusses creativity in business with Professor Neil Maiden. The conversation covers a wide range of issues and considers how ten years ago, industrial focus was on process improvements, which has now given way to the leadership of complexity, establishing cultures, and the delusion of self-awareness. The current business environment is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) and this podcast offers insights from two experienced guides in business and creativity.  Produced by Emilia Rolewicz Executive Producer Sam Steele  Theme music generated by AI @ Links Perspectiv website Andy Wilkins Twitter @AndrewNWilkins Andy Wilkins LinkedIn Andy Wilkins Course Masters in Innovation Creativity & Leadership  Book Breaking the Code of Change Amy Edmondson Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Today’s Leaders Must Learn To Think Like Scientists Professor Ruth Noller Creativity Equation Paper: The Creativity Crisis CebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email  DesignSparks  SportSparks  Business-Sparks 
  • 3. Professor Anna Whitelock

    Anna Whitelock is Executive Dean of the School of Communication & Creativity, at City University of London. She also just happens to be an expert in the history of the UK Monarchy and had a few things to say about the recent coronation of King Charles III. The School of Communication and Creativity was opened in the Autumn of 2022 and Anna explains what it’s all about and how their ambition is to break the mould of performing arts schools and be more accessible to a wider range of students with a focus on diversity and inclusivity and an ambition to change the creative industries. This wide-ranging conversation takes in the need to support creativity in business, defines creative intelligence and examines the fundamental differences between human creativity and AI-generated content.  Produced by Emilia Rolewicz Executive Producer Sam Steele  Theme music generated by AI @ Links Anna Whitelock Twitter @annawhitelock School of Communication and Creativity Twitter @CityUniSCC Anna Whitelock  LinkedIn  Website: School of Creativity and Communication  Courses: Masters in Innovation Creativity & Leadership  CebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email  DesignSparks  SportSparks  Business-Sparks  
  • 2. Sports Talk - Stuart Armstrong and Alex Wolf

    This week’s CreAtIve Tech podcast is a sports roundtable. Professor Neil Maiden is joined by Stuart Armstrong, Strategic Lead for Workforce Transformation at Sport England, and Alex Wolf, Sports Consultant and founder of Strength and Conditioning Academy. Stuart and Alex consider the culture of curiosity and creativity that sports coaching must support for successful outcomes; the importance of psychological safety in training; and the effects of power dynamics on coaches and athletes. Join the debate on the difference between good and bad sports coaching, re-appraising coaching behaviour, and why being tough and mean is antithetical to high performance.  Produced by Emilia Rolewicz Executive Producer Sam Steele  Theme music generated by AI @ Links Strength and Conditioning Academy  Play Their Way website  Alex Wolf Twitter @AlexpWolf Alex Wolf LinkedIn  Stuart Armstrong LinkedIn Stuart Armstrong podcast Talent Equation podcast CebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email  SportSparks 
  • 1. Hamish McAlpine and Professor Neil Maiden

    Hamish McAlpine is a Director at international innovation consultancy company, Oxentia. In September 2023, CebAI and Oxentia won funding to develop a co-creative AI tool to accelerate high-growth companies. To kick off series 3 of the Creative Tech podcast, Professor Neil Maiden and Hamish McAlpine discuss the aims of the project, AI tech strategies for business consultancies, working with global innovators, the future of AI, and the most important questions of the day – Barbie or Oppenheimer? and how Douglas Adams’ was 50 years ahead of his time… Produced by Sam Steele  Theme music generated by AI @ Links Oxentia website  Hamish McAlpine Twitter @hamish_mcalpine Hamish McAlpine LinkedIn Hamish McAlpine  UK Research England (UKRI)   CebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email  DesignSparks  SportSparks  Business-Sparks 
  • 6. Irini Papadimitriou

    Who controls technology? How is it developed? Who benefits from AI? How do we change things for the best? Cultural curator Irini Papadimitriou, Creative Director at innovation lab and cultural agency, Future Everything, on challenging norms, queering datasets, and inherent bias in artificial intelligence. From the LAPD and deadly robots to the National Trust, Irini champions inclusivity in technology using art and collaborating with a wide array of innovative artists from around the world. Produced by Diana Squires Edited by Emilia RolewiczExecutive Producer Sam SteeleTheme music generated by AI @ www.soundraw.ioLinks You and AI: Through the Algorithmic LensNational Trust at Quarry Bank: Unintended ConsequencesThe Normalising MachineStop LAPD Spying CoalitionBill BalaskasForensic ArchitectureAdam Harvey: V-FrameJake Elwes: Zizi - Queering the DatasetCreative Comm 21Future EverythingCebAI: twitter LinkedIn Website email