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  • 11. Episode 11: How to Get Into Emceeing and Host Events

    On this episode, Jim interviews Kail Schofield who is an event host and emcee around the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada region. He's hosted events for the Edmonton Stingers, Edmonton Oilers, and a number of other organizations. He'll share tips and tricks on getting into the space and what to do if you're comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

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  • 10. Episode 10: I May Have Made a Huge Mistake...

    During this episode of Content Creators College, the lesson will be about taking stock of where you're at and admitting that you might be giving your energy and focus to the wrong thing. I spent weeks putting together a digital course I still 100% plan to teach and deliver, but during a two-day online conference, a lightbulb moment went off for me when the group chat was flooded with people who I believe I can better serve today, right now and in this moment.
  • 9. Episode 9 - Growing Your Instagram Account With The Founder of Puck Empire

    On this episode of Content Creators College, Jim chats with the founder of the popular NHL news Instagram account Puck Empire. With 116K followers, Panos is now working on his account full-time and posting more than 50 items per day on his hockey page. He found a few things that worked, scaled his account and he offers tips and strategies that can work for you.*Disclaimer: always keep copyright and content licensing in mind while creating any content using images and videos for your Instagram feed. The techniques and tips offered by our guests are strategies that worked for them and are not necessarily the right advice for every content creator.
  • 8. 5 Essential Evergreen Content Creation Tips That Need To Be Part of Your Overall Strategy

    On this episode of Content Creators College, the lesson will focus on evergreen content. What is it? Why is it important? Why should it be part of your overall content creation strategy? If you want to be seen as an authority or expert in your field, you must create evergreen content that stands the test of time. Here are a handful of tips that will work wonders for your evergreen strategy.
  • 7. 9 Incredible Time Management Tips To Take Back Your Content Creation Life

    Today's lesson in Content Creators College is about Time Management -- or as one theory proposes, mixing anti-time management strategies with time management strategies to take control of your content creation time and live the life you actually want to live while achieving all of your goals. These 9 tips will help you stay focused and let you maximize your potential, all while keeping you in control, rather than working until you feel like a content zombie.
  • 6. Identifying 4 Common Content Creation Fears And How to Get Over Them

    In this episode, I'm going to go over four of the most common content creation fears creative people have and provide some manageable steps to get over them. If you're concerned you're going to get lost in the noise, don't believe you're the expert, or are afraid of being judged, this episode is for you. I'll show you that you're not alone and then I'll point out that your fears, while understandable, aren't something you should really preoccupy yourself with.
  • 5. Content Creators College - Develop the Right Mindset to Create, Then Fail Forward Fast

    In today's lesson, you'll learn all about how important the right mindset, the right message, and having a passion for something is to help create something that can change lives. I talk to professional peak and performance coach and hypnotist Wayne Lee. For over 25 years, Wayne has been one of North America’s premier corporate presenters and entertainers. He has helped people from over 6000 organizations and various walks of life develop the subconscious mindset that allows them to perform at a high level no matter what challenges they face.We talk about being empowered, how he built his shows over time, and how he moved into creating a service and entertainment brand that would help businesses and their employees succeed. He grew a digital online coaching program when his live events were forced to stop due to the pandemic, but he's back on stage where he feels most alive. To him, it's all about "stage time baby". You can check out his work or book him for your next event at