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Content Creators College - Develop the Right Mindset to Create, Then Fail Forward Fast

Season 1, Ep. 5

In today's lesson, you'll learn all about how important the right mindset, the right message, and having a passion for something is to help create something that can change lives. I talk to professional peak and performance coach and hypnotist Wayne Lee. For over 25 years, Wayne has been one of North America’s premier corporate presenters and entertainers. He has helped people from over 6000 organizations and various walks of life develop the subconscious mindset that allows them to perform at a high level no matter what challenges they face.

We talk about being empowered, how he built his shows over time, and how he moved into creating a service and entertainment brand that would help businesses and their employees succeed. He grew a digital online coaching program when his live events were forced to stop due to the pandemic, but he's back on stage where he feels most alive. To him, it's all about "stage time baby".

You can check out his work or book him for your next event at

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