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The Art of Falling Asleep ft. Derek Lacey

Season 3, Ep. 70

In this episode, I chat with Derek Lacey, The Life Coach for Insomniacs. Derek opens up about his 15-year struggle with insomnia, the 5-step sleep method he uses with his clients, the inspiration for his podcast, The Art of Falling Asleep, and his line of blue blocker glasses, Dormi's! This is my first episode with another sleep coach as a guest and we use this opportunity to rant about melatonin, chat about naming his future book, and laugh about various other things.

This episode contains mild language that is too tame for the explicit language warning, but bad enough that you wouldn't want your toddler repeating the words to her Sunday school teacher.

Derek's website:

The Art of Falling Asleep Podcast:

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